Time Shift Blog; Refining the Authentic Self by Lisa Renee

Enigmatic Healing Blog

To heal, we must inquire on our true authentic nature and take steps to align our lifestyle to the circumstances where we can feel connection, acceptance and purpose, which leads us to experience greater peace and joy.


It does not matter where we are right now, by being brave enough to really look at our current conditions and make assessments about where we are at, if we can accept what we see as it is, and continually focus on improving our higher qualities and attributes, we can overcome anything.

Finding the neutral point even when exposed to great chaos and pain, brings positive energies, which help us to generate energetic balance in our lives.  Finding inner energetic balance heals our body and heals our life, as this allows spiritual energy to be better circulated among our body parts and to evict out any obsolete or dark constructs.

The key to…

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