Journal Entry – Time Warps


Journal Entry, 23 August 2017 – Time Warps

I could have sworn it was the 22nd, but hey, the Georgian calendar is bunk anyway.  Went for a bird walk this morning.  It was steamy although not quite as warm today.  Rain in the forecast and did catch a tiny shower on the way home, but nothing startling.  I guess the great state of Texas is going to get clobbered this weekend by Harvey, tropical storm or hurricane yet to be determined.  Stay safe, folks, and don’t go driving through standing water.


The birds were few and far between today, but I did observe an industrious and frustrated Red-shouldered hawk try to catch a marsh hen for lunch.  It was a no go despite several attempts.  The marsh hens are the marsh watch folks, setting up alarm calls whenever an alligator or bird of prey is in the neighborhood.  And they’re remarkably adept at bouncing underwater to avoid those talons!  The hawk finally flew away in frustration.


The big news all over the net has been the great American eclipse.  Interesting thing was that the heavenly hosts, our galactic friends, etc., took advantage of the huge positive energy stimulated by the event to raise up the planet in frequency.  Now the energies will truly no longer support the dark team agenda.  My sister and I “saw” with our inner eyes the great Lords surround and lift up the planet, even as the goddesses and lady masters sent forth their loving nurturing energies to clear the darkness.  During the lasting effects of this great event, we will have an opportunity to truly reprogram our intentions to go forth into the future.  Much has been accomplished by all.


Events will continue to bring further revelations of all that has been previously hidden from view.  Those individuals who have been reluctant to step forward and begin their own inner healing have a great boost now from the positive energies if they are willing to commit to the task.  There are presently many divine dispensations in effect.  Make use of the simple tools of the Violet Flame and Archangel Michael’s Shield to assist your process.


I haven’t been writing much of my own lately.  For over a month, I was concentrating on getting a new version of The Starseed Highway online for my sister.  We will both be contributing to this new website in the coming months and years.  And I will continue to publish Blue Dragon Journal for the foreseeable future.

Enjoy your week,

Eliza Ayres


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Photos:  All from Palm Beach County wetlands.

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