Eliza: Taking Flight

My thoughts reach out to the lands I left…

Blue Dragon Journal

Eagle Cap from Zumwalt Prairie

iza: Taking Flight

These past two nights, I’ve spent in the company of three men, actually three male Pleiadians, men of my own family. They are two Archangels and an Angelic Pleiadian who is also my own mate.

While I have drifted into and out heavy sleep, these loving beings have worked with my energies, adjusting my frequencies, accelerating the transition that I am currently undergoing.

When I pause and turn within, I can feel their tremendous love for me echoing in the growing hearth flame within the heart chakra. I can easily drop into an almost permanent state of meditative awareness now as the frequency levels increase incrementally.

I have not had a child in this lifetime. Nor have any of my children survived to adulthood in my two previous lifetimes, as Joseph and the WWII pilot. Consequently, I have little to keep me anchored here. I feel like…

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