Luna-See: Moon-Fear Worldviews and the Invitations of Now.

I’ve read Robert Graves, too. Great books.

Sophia's Children

Solar Eclipse, NASA.

Much has been written about yesterday’s full lunar eclipse of the sun, which was seen in all of its full glory along the totality path from Oregon to South Carolina in the United States.

Even now, in modern-day writings, we can still see evidence of the historic fear of the Moon, insofar as history concerns the last couple of thousands of years.

The fear and superstition have a lot to do with fear of the unknown, the mysterious, which grew to envelope all things associated with the dark, night, Lunar, and the feminine.

Author and blogger Jan Olandese writes of Robert Graves perspective of the symbolism and qualities associated with sun and moon, shared in his book, The White Goddess: A Historical Grammar of Poetic Myth.

She writes,

“… he posits that there are two kinds of knowing:  solar (think of Apollo as the sun god…

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