Eclipse Accelerates Ascension Process And Activates Highest Timelines: Conversation With My Arcturian Guide/Aspect

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen


Hustle and bustle ‘behind the scenes’, in the stars, in the skies, as preparations are ‘being made’ for the total solar eclipse today….this is what I am seeing as I connect to galactic energies in this now. There are many Star BEings AND the human alliance gathering together, an alliance formed of humans who have ‘been in the know’ for very many years, conscious of contact, and collaborating with benevolent Star BEings to bring about the disclosure process to the collective at a rate and pace that we can digest and handle.

Binkh, my Arcturian guide/aspect, comes forward to me and she presses her three, long fingered hand against my fleshy human one. She then draws me in to touch third eyes together and I am transported to the ‘heart’ of the eclipse activity from above. It still stuns me how full of star ships the orbit…

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