Big Eclipse V

jbuss Astrology

Well, here’s an interesting counterpoint to the Charlottesville fiasco.  Our Chief Asteroid Officer informs us that the Eclipse is adjoined by an asteroid named after Sojourner Truth, an eventually-emancipated New Your slave and tireless campaigner for Women’s Rights.  A good example of how the Patriarchy is out of time, with someone we all know trumpeting White (Male) Supremacy and virtually everyone condemning him.  Interesting that several of the stories spoke of folks who seemed to have been born adulating Hitler.  After 2500 years, it will take some time for the Retrogressives to Surrender, but eventually they’ll go whimpering back to their caves.

The counterpoint is also an example of how the Ego and its fervor for theStatus Quo often acts as a Gatekeeping Bouncer for our Intuition…

Peruvian Shaman don Oscar Miro-Quesada points out that the Eclipse arcs from Lemuria to Atlantis…

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