Nature Walk – Day of the Iguana


Nature Walk – Day of the Iguana

It is an 888 day, part of a powerful transitional period that we’re currently undergoing. And it was a good day to go for a walk.  The title comes from the fact that I saw a lot of iguanas today.  In one place, there were about 15 sunning themselves on a nice scrap of lawn.  These iguanas are taking over Florida!  They get pretty big, too.  Luckily they are vegans!


And there were birds…


The charming black-bellied whistling ducks.


Bittern drying its wings in the hot sun.



Anhinga taking a break from fishing.


Elegant Egret


These turtles were splashing around under the boardwalk.


Yet another iguana…

It’s mid-August and HOT.  The heat index was extreme today, so a long walk later in the day was out of the question.  Early morning is best right now.  I will be grateful when the slightly cooler temperatures of autumn arrives in a couple of months.

Hope you enjoyed these photos… The bird population in the wetlands has dropped quite a bit since most of the fledglings have grown up and departed the environs for other lands.

The big American Eclipse is happening this coming Monday, the 21st.  Meanwhile, keep tabs on the condition of your body as it goes through upgrades and cleansings.

Blessings to the collective,


Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

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