Repeating Number Sequences Offer Messages From Your Higher Self

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen


I reached 2,222 friends today on my facebook account! Repeating number sequences…..our Divine/Angelic aspects winking at us, saying ‘hello’, reminding us that nothing is random or coincidental, yet ALL connected. To feel surrounded by this support on a metaphysical level as it grounds in your heart in every moment is the MAGIC being offered to us in this now of ascension and even descension to bridge what has been ‘lower’ with what is ‘higher’, what has been in our trailing edges with what has been in our leading edges…

2222, when I feel into its meaning for us, feels like it invites us to bring the non-physical INTO the physical and into manifestation. What has felt like dream or what has been experienced in meditative states as bliss, Oneness, PURE love… bring that into our daily REALity more and more through choice points and following the urges…

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