Love Wants To Fill The Void Created From So Much Letting Go in 4D

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen

letting go, filling the void

The void space….the space ‘left behind’ when your soul wakes up inside of your 3D life and your consciousness shifts into fourth dimensional (4D) and you make choices to align with your soul frequency. I feel 4D as a consciousness phase of much sorting through, learning and re-education about the ‘real’ world from the one you’ve been taught. It is a phase of seeing the false matrix and understanding WHY it has been chosen and feeling its impact on your reality. 4D waters your ‘rebel’ and the void is what happens as you push away from 3D. The void is the space that happens when you let go of something you don’t want to let in what you do but the something new hasn’t come yet. In this void, you are no longer your 3D version of who you used to be and yet you are not…

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Nancy’s Sunset Messages ~ August 12, 2017


This is a message from Kryon as delivered through Nancy Tate. Please listen to this message, and give this your consideration. The times…they are a’ channellingchangin’ for sure! So…listen up, discern your own meaning, and…


NEW! 08-12-17: Tonight while watching some music that I brought up on our network of music video choices, I began to feel that there was something coming that I needed to pay attention to. I needed to find music that was soft and full of Love, so I tuned in to a Yanni concert. Then I immediately got the feeling to go out on the porch and receive a message that was coming. 

I bring you tonight a message I received from Kryon, a wonderful being whom I have not received messages from for several years. The first messages I received from Kryon were back in 2002. Tonight it was totally unexpected, but when…

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Sandra Walter: Aligning with the Cosmic Stargate Eclipse


Shortlink : This Newsletter is light-encoded to assist your journey _()_ View this email in your browser Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~ Gatekeepers and Gridworkers have been diligently preparing the grids and Gateways for the maximum effect of the Solar Eclipse energies and upcoming September Equinox trigger points. Take note of the still points […]

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as we shift – we can stop karma ~ August 12, 2017


This is a POWERFUL new blog from Sophia Love. I consider her to be the voice of “the masses”. That’s you and me folks. Many are now waking up to the fact of the financial slavery that has kept all of humanity worldwide in shackles of doubt, insecurity and outright fear.

Wasn’t that enough? Hell no, so our “controllers” linked our shackles together with chains of mis-education, medicine that doesn’t work, and religions whose teachings are false doctrine!

But…despite the heaping shovelfuls of sh** we have to wade through as we live our lives, humanity is now becoming aware that something isn’t quite right and are taking action to correct the way we live. Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf is one example of someone who is taking a stand against financial tyranny that is the “status quo”.

So…please watch read Sophia’s article, watch the video, think about it, and…


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