Nature Walk, 11 August 2017 – After the Storm


Nature Walk – After the Storm

The title could be “the rainy season, part 8…” as we continue to have periodic thunderstorms built, dump and pass through the area.  Seeing that a good portion of the Pacific Northwest is dealing with unusually hot weather and smoke from wide-spread forest fires… well, I’ll put up with a little rain here in Florida.  The smoke and dust of Eastern Washington (plus nearby Hanford) didn’t do wonders for my lungs.  I still get a dry cough when tired or stressed.

The day started out cloudy as I packed up Bella the Kia and headed out to my favorite wetlands.  The birds were quiet and huddled on their nests, a sign of impending weather.  Soon enough it began to sprinkle a bit, but I broke out the umbrella, stowed the camera and continued walking.  After checking out the activity (or lack thereof — this is “off season” for the birds as well as the visitors) at Wakodahatchee, I drove over to Green Cay.

There was a little more action at Green Cay, with lots of Little Blue Heron sightings, an alligator and tons of turtles poking their noses above the tea-colored waters of the wetlands.

See below for more photos from this little outing:


Anhinga, an underwater swimmer


Cattle Egret


Brooding Black-bellied Whistling Duck


Little Blue Heron


Odd Cloud Formation


Bittern or Green Heron (still learning, lol!)


Basilisk Lizard (the one that runs on two legs!)

DSCN4025 And the grand finale, an adult alligator sighting

All in all, it was a good day outing, starting in clouds and ending in sunshine with a couple of alligator sightings to boot, always a plus.  The one up above was cruising across an open stretch of water at Green Cay Wetlands.

Enjoy the upcoming weekend and blessings to all!


Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, 2012-17, Eliza Ayres,

Photos:  All mine, taken @ Wakodahatchee and Green Cay Wetlands, Palm Beach County.

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