Two Goldfish Reports with Dr. James Fetzer… POTUS Update and Interview (or, “How much James Fetzer can you handle?”)

Political disclosure…

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I have listened to parts of each one, and found some excellent insights in each. First is the POTUS update, and the second is more of an interview with Dr. Fetzer.

On The GoldFish Report No 116 – Week 29 POTUS Report, Special Guest researcher and McKnight Professor Emeritus James Fetzer joins Louisa to give critical analysis of the POTUS and major policy issues of the past week that include: The insidious attempt to pull of a Coup d’etat of our POTUS usurping the electoral college process, the Awans DNC IT scandal, Russia sanctions bill, positive consequences of the POTUS immigration crackdown, Google and Orwellian censorship, POTUS West Virginia Rally, Seth Rich Connection, POTUS Witch Hunt Continues, air force weaponizing viruses to target certain DNA, voter fraud, treason, and much more.

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