“Whatever You Need, You Will Be Offered”: Lion’s Gate Abundance Unity Codes And Letting Them In

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen


These are two photos taken recently here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (no photo altering or enhancing) of the codes available during sunset and sunrise…a wonderful range of energies from FIERY FIRE alchemy to soft tranquility! All frequencies of unity abundance!
“Whatever you most need, you will be offered.” It felt like Ascension Christmas yesterday as the Lion/Lioness gateway 8.8 aligned and opened…..bringing in cosmic and galactic support and Infinite Love that is still felt and meant to be on the personal and intimate level for awhile. The codes and their messages that I shared about yesterday seem to be primarily about unity abundance are an invitation, not necessarily a guarantee or a promise. The invitation is to increasingly trust that whatever you most need in order for your higher self/soul coming into your body and higher heart capacity to SERVE love will be offered to you.

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