Embody Your Highest Soul’s Reality By Shanta Gabriel

Forever Unlimited

 Join Us for the 8:8 Lion’s Gate Portal Teleconference!

Every year on August 8 we have a potent opportunity to flood our Hearts as well as the Earth with Light! This Lion’s Gateway is creating an even more powerful portal into the activation of your Soul’s Highest Reality.

On August 7th there will be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15º Aquarius. Eclipses offer us a chance to break to realign normally, but this eclipse is not just realigning our energy, it is shutting off the main power conduits so our inner computer system can have a full new beginning as it restarts.

That means that those pesky patterns that have been in the way of Light Bearers expanding into the full expansion of your new reality will be ready to clear like magic when the reboot occurs…

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Trump’s Role in the Ascension ~ A QHHT Session Story by Marilyn Dyke

TAUK Messages

Hi Everyone, 

My dear friend, Marilyn Dyke a Level 3 QHHT practitioner from Maple Ridge, Canada recently posted on her blog about this interesting session she gave. The information her client gave was thought provoking and actually was similar to what my client, Todd received back on November 11th, 2016. The jest of that post found HERE was that Trump would have to make the choice of working from his Higher Self or his lower ego.  I’ll add below his YouTube clip I created at the time. Marilyn’s client offered some timely information.

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Lion’s Gate Offering Unity Abundance Activation With Archangel Metatron

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen

lion's gate

Lion’s gate opening today 8-8 and it feels, on some level, like Christmas for those of us tracking and feeling the ascension energies. Christmas in the sense that something NEW and exciting is happening in this now on both the outer and inner cosmic levels. Christmas too in the awakening and expansion and BIRTHing on a deeper level of the higher heart, Cosmic Christ Consciousness Heart, inside of us and collectively.

You may be waking up this morning with a sense of anticipation and even can’t sleep because there is this feeling of goodness and CHANGE coming in. Feelings of GIFTS coming in from the Universe to enliven, enrich, and ultimately transform us all. These gifts, it seems, are being offered to those souls who MOST need them….whether long on the awakening path or just begun or haven’t awakened yet. For ALL of us, there is a…

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Lion’s Gate: The ‘Roar’ Of Your Intention Comes Alive Now

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

by Kalayna Colibri


When you can set your intention like a beacon love for yourself, and hold that it IS possible though for parts of you it may feel impossible, this is what brings about the changes that you are asking for and holding out for. It is not an accident, that conversation you’re having with another about what you most want deep inside of you. It is a care-filled conjuring of what is right for you, what needs to come to and through you next…

For me, it is about embodying adulthood in a deeper way than I have been able to before, though I have technically been an ‘adult’ for many years now. It is not age that matures you or offers you wisdom, it is your willingness to go inward, to find and feel your heart even when it is in shadows and seems covered in infinite…

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August Eclipses, Metrograde Blessings, Vesta´s Challenge & Discovering Joy at the Heart of Healing the Feminine

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Blessings all. This is a two-part Joint Report with friends. The first is the astro-report (video embedded) with Mr. Greg George and the second is an interview with Rabbi Melinda Bernstein on the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius and its Messages for the Healing of the Feminine. Lots of giggles, bloopers and fun in both videos, interspersed with potent messages for the collective. Enjoy! ❤


– Aquarius Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse
– Leo New Moon / Solar Eclipse : w. Grand Fire Trine – Uranus / New Moon / Galactic Center / Black Moon Lilith / Saturn Retrograde
– How the multi-planet retrograde slows the energy down throughout August with a special focus on Mercury
– Why Mercury Retrogrades ought to be called Metrogrades
– What challenge does Mercury & Vesta (The Priestess) in Virgo present to us?
– Why the action is…

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Cause an Defect Full Moon III

jbuss Astrology

In case you haven’t figured out by now why you Feel Angre or Agitated – or worse, in case you’re Projecting it onto someone else – today’s Full Moon featured Sun Conjunct Mars (Energy, Action).  However, the Full Moon makes a T-Square with Klotho-Sappho (Beginning a New Timeline Based on Self-Love).  In fact, your Anger could well be your way of Expressing Self-Love, if you’re Feeling Anger toward people who have been Abusing you All Your Life.

The Jupiter (Expansion) T-Square on the Pluto-Aletheia Opposition (Opening to Forbidden Truths) that we’ve been writing about remains, and in fact, Jupiter makes a Trine Bridge to the Full Moon T-Square, so Expanding into formerly Hidden Truths will help you Channel your Anger constructively.  There’s much more in the Full Moon chart (it’s a Partial Eclipse in the “Olde World”), but it’ll have to wait till morning; I keep hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh falling asleep on…

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Creating Experiences ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Those aha moments need to come from within and no one can do it for you. It is the reward that keeps you going forward and upward, step by step. And enhances your own awareness of Self, what and who you truly are.

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have given you processes, steps that you can take, exercises, and many insights, but what we cannot give you is the knowing that comes through experience. It is through experience that you align with the self that you are becoming. The only way to get to where you are going is through the experiences that you create for yourself in your life.

You will always create experiences for yourself, no matter how perfect you create your life to be. There will always be something that occurs, that challenges you, that triggers you, and that takes you to your next step on this beautiful journey of yours.

When you are in the midst of an experience that you didn’t plan for and that you certainly didn’t want, that is usually when it is hardest for…

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