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zooBy Raphael Awen

The idea of being grateful for what you have is only a piece of a piece of the answer.

For starters, a mental idea of something you should be more of is just that, a mental idea, rather than a feeling state. Gratitude just is and can’t really be moralized into place, not real gratitude that is.

Intuitively, we know what that feeling state looks and feels like because we’ve tasted it, and it was fun, and so we prescribe it to ourselves, our children and our inner children, but in the prescribing, we are ‘shoulding’ on ourselves and that kind of force based relationship to life is fast losing steam for all of us.

Then, the idea that if you were truly spiritual or awakened, and in real gratitude, you wouldn’t be so attached to wanting more stuff is another example of trying to squeeze yourself…

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Jamye Price: Divine Communication

Forever Unlimited

Divine Communication

Blessed Beings, we spoke recently of prayer because prayer is a quiet space of communication with the subtle realm. Whether you pray to God, to the universe, to love, or to your higher self; you are in communication with the subtle realm. You are in communication with your higher self and the divinity that is within you and All Life.

Often prayer has been formed as a request. You are experiencing something in the physical realm, desiring change, and prayer is the aspect of requesting to the Divine for change. You are seeking change and improvement in the physical realm.

What you are learning on a deep level is that this power is within you. You are God in human form, you are the universe in human form, you are Love in human form. That is this physical experience. This is a…

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Andrew Martin – August 2017 Energy Forecast: The Liberation Timeline


There is a MAGNIFICENT life knocking at the door, ready to express itself through you. However your unwillingness to let go of what you think it should look feel or sound like is refusal to let it in.

Can you trust that you’ve brought yourself the right circumstances for the experience you require? Are you ready to free yourself from the old timeline of limitation and anchor into the Liberation Timeline?

This is the month where we really begin to see our physical (secondary) reality shifting to match our internal (primary) reality.

August holds powerful planetary alignments that offer a massive energetic push to anchor us in whatever timeline we have been focusing on. If we’ve been moving in the direction of our soul’s calling and purpose for this life we will experience clarity, satisfaction, and support coming in. When we drop the struggle, tune into our inner truth, and allow ourselves to be carried by the flow we immediately re-orient ourselves towards the higher reality. The experience of the Liberation Timeline is for everyone. The only caveat is that you’re walking in your truth and taking action from the inner nudges and prompts that it’s sending you.

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Nature Walk 3 August 2017 – Dog Days of Summer


Nature Walk, 03 August 2017 – Dog Days of Summer

The Dog Star or Sirius is at its rising this time of the year.  And the weather is at its most humid and sticky.  Although the temperature was cooler than what passes for “normal” around here… 79 F rather than a sticky 83F, my bare arms were still gleaming with sweat after a half mile walk.  What can I say?  It’s Florida.  It’s summer and it’s sticky.  Live with it.

The bird population has dwindled in both of my favorite and nearby wetlands.  The wood storks have departed for unknown regions, perhaps further north.  I have seen them at Hilton Head Island, in South Carolina.  With their departure, the wetlands are much quieter.  There still plenty of birds to be seen, mostly Anhingas, cormorants, herons, egrets, ducks, marsh hens, gallinules and some Ibises.  The concentration of birds seen especially in the amazing Wakodahatchee Wetlands far outweighs what I was able to see in northern Florida during all my other explorations.


The Cow Egret is an interesting bird.  I read that the young Cow Egret spend their first year with completely white feathers.  This way, they blend in with the larger Snowy and Great White Egrets, especially when gathered in a large feeding group.  Breeding Cow Egrets have beautiful golden feathers on their wings and heads.  You learn something new every day if at all curious about this beautiful world.


Birds are not equipped with sweat glands, so on hot humid days, you’ll see some of them opening their beaks to cool off a bit, just like this Anhinga, who is also drying off from its latest fishing venture.


There are a lot of turtles in Florida, both salt water and fresh water species.  About five different species of turtles live in the fresh water marshes like this one above.  They hide in the duck weed, sometimes with just their nose poking up above the water.


It’s only 8:15 or so and the thunderheads are starting to build up.  It’s all that tropical moisture coming up from the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.  And this year, the rainfall has been breaking some records.  I’m still having a hard time finding an actual record of rainfall to date, but it is way more than last year during the drought.  It rained all last weekend.  We also got caught in an intense thunderstorm on Tuesday while driving through Boca Raton.  It’s really fun driving through puddles when you can hardly see the road in front of the car!


With a loud croak, this Great Blue Heron was flushed out of the weeds and landed on the railing almost in front of me.  I paused to watch it for a few minutes.  They’re really a BIG bird, although gangly with their long legs.


This gallinule is one of the most colorful birds in Florida, showing a nice display here as it is concentrating on grooming.  Just look at that iridescent turquoise and blue coloring! This bird also has a very loud vocalization during nesting season.  It was quiet today.


A white Ibis, finding a temporary perch in one of the old dead trees placed in the marsh for just that purpose.

And did you know that both Green Cay and Wakodahatchee Wetlands are run by the Water Department and that the property belonging to Green Cay was originally a pepper farm?  The land was donated by the family who owned the farm. Today, these wetlands are completely surrounded by gated communities, the farms of the past long gone. Florida has changed greatly in the last twenty years.  Just ask a native.


Just a little natural color to end the report from the crape myrtles in the parking lot.

Blessings to all and enjoy your upcoming weekend!

Eliza Ayres

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Channelled message from the Council of Twelve 2.8.17


‘Humans are children in a vast starscape of solar systems and universes. They possess imagination and innocence, spiritual openness, a fresh embrace of the new. They shine bright like stars in a velvety sky. Human beings are wondrous in their capacity for emotion, the spectrum wider than many known species. Maybe a glitch, an anomaly or divine intervention, there are angelic qualities to humanity, best seen when observing their children, their young. Vulnerable, giving and fragile, for many years it’s a wonder they survived at all. And yet they do, as do their brothers and sisters seeded elsewhere in the cosmos. Humans always need security, emotional and physical sanctuary for nurturing, creativity and love frequency. They do not grow out of this at, in earth years, 18 or 21. They need time to flourish in a world that embraces them, is grateful they are here and celebrates their myriad emotional…

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Jordan Sather – Vaxx Propaganda to the Maxx – Overview of Vaccine Lies

August 2nd, 2017 – Cutting through the vaccine propaganda

NVIC: “FAQ’s About Mercury (Thimerosal) in Vaccines” – https://goo.gl/hpnwjU

The Liberty Beacon: “The Problem with Vaccines” – https://goo.gl/2kkHLu

Dr. Mercola: “The Case Against Aluminum in Vaccines” – https://goo.gl/hBD7xv

VaxTruth: “Mercury and Aluminum in Vaccines: a Primer on NVIC’s Vaccine Ingredients Calculator” – https://goo.gl/rkxgQq

FAQ – Most viruses have been copyrighted.  Hello?  Why copyright a virus?  To create a vaccine for it that will poison people who use it!  FAKE science!

170803 What is going on with Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf???

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[Update: this article by Sophia Love also explains a lot, and why this case is BIG (…baby!).]

This “senses” to be a major event. The arrest of Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf.

I’m posting this now as it seems there’s a court deal for Heather on Friday. In Washington DC. Heather and the (now dissolved) OPPT group (feel free to Kp blog search “OPPT”) filed UCC documents back in 2013 that dissolved all corporations, governments, etc., etc., and released all humanity from bondage to those entities. I’ll likely go into more later.

Check here for details and more articles on this. Heather was arrested on 7-24-17. Check here for updates on what’s going on. Full link:


Here’s a short video that seems to gives the gist.


And below is a longer one that is a bit drawn out, but may explain other details.


I know there’s…

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Living Out Timelines, Being ‘Out Of It’, Letting In Support From Your Higher Self/Guides (Video)

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By Jelelle Awen


I was in another timeline most of the day yesterday….you may do and BE this more than you consciously realize. I was – on one level – ‘researching’ and exploring into a shift in geography for our community and possibilities around that. It was a ‘future’ timeline in one way yet, also, I could feel, sense, taste, kNOW, what it would be like to live there. I was IN it and living it. Also, I was in the complete unknown related to ‘how’ this would happen even as some pieces of possibility seemed to be coming together.

I spent ‘time’ BEing this and then….I let it go. I have let it go today and maybe it will come back to me or maybe it will go on and unfold. I feel as if I have already lived it out anyway. The old way of manifesting and alchemizing…

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