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DSCN3748An addendum to the most recent post on pedogate — and check out insightful comments below that article. This one thanks to Rose, for the tip. Lord Blackheath Surfaces Again, But This Time It’s Not . . . The post Pedogate News, plus context: Joseph P. Farrell connects dots — the “gold” of drugs, human…

via Pedogate News, plus context: Joseph P. Farrell connects dots — the “gold” of drugs, human trafficking, global finance, slavery — Exopermaculture

Australia “weather-experts” falsify climate change

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Australia “weather-experts” falsify climate change

By Jon Rappoport

“Global warming is a non-problem…I say this to Obama: Excuse me, Mr. President, but you’re wrong. Dead wrong.” (Dr. Ivar Giaever, Nobel-Prize winner in physics)

“The computer models just weren’t reliable. In fact, I’m not sure the whole thing isn’t crazy, this climate change.” (Green Guru James Lovelock, who once predicted imminent destruction of the planet via global warming)

I’ve written a number of articles proving the global warming science is far from “settled.” I’ve also written about the political agenda behind climate change. It is stark:

All nations will be ordered (if treaties are signed) to REDUCE THEIR OVERALL ENERGY PRODUCTION BY A DISASTROUS AMOUNT.

Therefore, the output of carbon dioxide would be cut, and, we are told, “the planet could be saved.”

But no replacement of carbon-based fuels with solar, wind, and other popular alternative sources could possibly, given present…

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Magenta Pixie – The Emerald Gateway (Lion’s Gate into the Eclipse, August 2017)



When we speak of the Emerald Gateway, we refer to the time portal or ‘period of time’ you are now experiencing. This began around July 21st 2017 and will continue through the August 7th Full Moon into the August 8th Lion’s Gate, continuing through to the August 21st Eclipse and begin to close between August 23rd and 27th.

Magenta Pixie Website:


A Message to Lightworkers – Aug 1, 2017 by Caroline Oceana Ryan

Forever Unlimited

Greetings, Beautiful Being!

Many are looking for ways to deal positively with the incredible transformation we are experiencing now.

Because while these Lion’s Gate and Solar Eclipse energies can only be positive for our well-being — our and the planet’s Ascension — their effects are nothing to sneeze at!

The Collective explain in this week’s Message that we are now aligning with energies that put us more powerfully in touch with the higher planes.

And that this Transformation we are experiencing is not accidental. We are all collectively creating it, in very active ways.

And so we might want to sit down with our Spirit team (our guides, Angels, and higher self), and ask, “What should I be releasing now, and what should I be co-Creating now?”

The answers will probably surprise you (in a good way), whether you hear them in your inner ear, receive them as infused knowledge, or are given outer signs and…

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Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

Lions Gate

Every year, we experience the end of July / early August as an unusually intense energetic portal. How deeply you feel this portal is a reflection of your degree of sensitivity, journey, karma, dharma and other evolutionary requirements at this time.

However, all of this amazingness – is an annual event.

Some of you might understand this as the window of time between the Mayan Calendar´s Day Out of Time,  the heliacal rising of Sirius, the Lion´s Gate (8:8) and so on. Here is a writeup by a dear friend of mine that beautifully weaves it all together.

Astrologically speaking, we also see bursts of energy coming through the Leo Sun´s trine to the Great Attractor (August 6), the Galactic Center (August 20) and so on. We tend to also see Eclipses occuring in this month.

So … really … there´s a lot that generally tends to happen in this…

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Teresa Yanaros, Divine Frequency 8-1-17… “Evidence and Proof – Case for a Secret Space Program”

Kauilapele's Blog

Teresa discusses “evidence”, “proof”, and the value of listening to all sides when presenting data. She does an excellent job, in my view, of explaining those concepts. She also gives a short background history, which I found very illuminating.

What is proof? What constitutes evidence? This year’s MUFON Symposium (July 20-23, 2017) centered around making a case for secret governmental unacknowledged programs that might have already taken humanity beyond planet Earth. What evidence and proof are we dealing with when it comes to unacknowledged programs, and how can we push for truth within the disclosure community?
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