Noam Chomsky: How Trump & Media Distract Us From What’s Really Going On

Deus Nexus

Source:Collective Evolution | by KALEE BROWN

Corporations are more than willing to pay a lot of money to control the narrative discussed on mainstream media, and news stations happily oblige because their pockets are being filled. It’s not just corporations that take advantage of mass media, whether that be through advertising or even manipulating and fabricating “news,” but the government, too.

The U.S. government even created a CIA-sanctioned program whose sole focus was to manipulate mainstream news to align with their own agenda, called Operation Mockingbird, and the CIA coined the term “conspiracy theory” to confuse the public regarding any real, correct information that was spread through outlets that weren’t considered mainstream news.

The government strategically introduced that term in order to cast doubt upon the public and influence the narrative, as evidenced in the design laid out by “Document 1035-960 Concerning Criticism of the Warren Report,”…

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