Heartistry and Whole-Heartedness: Lùnastal, Fire Trines and the Leo Mysteries

Hissy fits! Oh, yeah!

Sophia's Children

The Royal Lion and Lioness. Image courtesy of PD Photos.

Well, these are buzzy, Zap Zone days, rich in fiery, electrical energies that can easily stress the body and nervous system if we don’t tend to wellness and wellbeing.

Are you feeling it?

If you’re more sensitive to and aware of subtle (and thus not so subtle) energies, you may have been feeling tired and wired, almost-unbearably edgy, and more scattered as thousands of ideas and insights spark all at once.

Fire-Breathing Dragon. Image courtesy of Josch13 at Pixabay.

These fiery, electrical macro-energy cocktails may also stir the kundalini energy that Gopi Krishna and others have written about. If you’ve had kundalini awakenings or Epically Transformative Experiences that heighten sensitivity, the self-care is even more important.

Or perhaps you’ve seen and heard signs of it around you — it’s been prime Hissy Fits and Tantrum Yoga time as well…

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