August Gateway: Massive Activation of the Crystalline Grid & What it Means for Us


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Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Gatekeepers opened the August Gateway passage on SUNday, initiating the August 3 – 25 acceleration. Feel into the cosmic forces at play during this massive influx of Divine Light. Keep your focus on Unity Consciousness; expand to cosmic-level perspective as this New Light organizes our realities for the highest interests and outcomes. Your Galactic Self, Christed Self, Cosmic Self will be merging with your consciousness, if you prepare and welcome this forth. A greatly amplified leveling up for some, an initiation for others.

As our Solar System arrives at this area of intensified photonic light, it creates embodiment via Divine DNA templates, unification of the multidimensional Self, and stimulates higher levels of creativity. Be present with this passage; honor and light-ground those…

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It’s Alright | Soulsoothinsounds’s Blog


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It’s Alright

July 30, 20173 Comments

Art by Maria Chambers

If you find yourself in a situation, a relationship or a job that just doesn’t feel right, it’s alright.  But just be aware that you may be trying to convince yourself that you are there for ‘greater’ reasons.  That you are still working out issues.  That your soul wants you to experience something there.

The mind is a master of its own.  It is a master of deceit.  It will convince us that something is much more wonderful than it is, or that there is something we need to do there on a grander level.  It will even pull in spiritual concepts to support the justification.

It will tell you that you are still learning things about yourself in the relationship.  Or that the job that’s robbing your soul is good for you…

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THE HEAT IS ON – August 2017 Energy Forecast by Emmanuel Dagher

Forever Unlimited

energyforecastbanner 2015

 heat is on

by Emmanuel Dagher

It’s a blessing for me to be able to connect with you this way my friend. We have so much energy talk to catch up on, so let’s get right to it!We are currently moving through a highly active energy cycle that began at the end of July, and will continue until early September.

During highly active energy cycles, there’s often a great deal of electricity in the air, which is felt most powerfully by those who are sensitive to energy.

When this much electricity is in the air, it offers us an excellent opportunity to take action towards creating the reality of our choice.

This is not the time to sit on the sidelines, watching as life passes us by!

Just like the seasons, energy goes through different cycles. Sometimes the energy is in a dormant cycle, and at other times, the energy is in…

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Kara Schallock – Evolving More


Evolving More – Ascension Notes by Kara Schallock – 30-Jul-2017 We are and have been in a powerful transition in the last month especially. (Of course, we have been transitioning from the old to the New for a very long time…lifetimes.) We have been preparing in the last month for the eclipses and the 8-8-8. […]

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Kalayna Colibri – Collapsing and Awakening into Deeper Spiritual Consciousness


By Kalayna Colibri Painting: The Awakening by Anato Finnstark “Am I real?” I laid in my twin bed in a room temporarily shared with my soul friend Gabriel, around this time last year, sobbing. This question rang inside of me as I wept uncontrollable, deep tears. I couldn’t track if it was a part of […]

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Narrowing Energetic Corridor Offers Movement Into The New

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen
All night long during my brief conscious moments and during sleep too, I was walking down this corridor….a long hallway. The ceiling was getting tighter and the floor rising up to meet it. Not a pleasant feeling…this ‘narrowing’ passageway feeling. Yet, also, I could feel there was LOVE in this movement somehow and that at the ‘end’ of the hallway were wide, OPEN spaces filled with Infinite Possibilities.
As I digest this in the now moment, it feels like a pretty good metaphor for what is happening energetically on the inner and outer cosmic levels. In this now called “August 2017” is a ‘mega month’ of energy activities…eclipses and the lion’s gate opening that peaks in a week on August 8th. There are many writings about this cosmic activity and its impact, messages, and what it is offering us during the ascension process on sites such…

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James Gilliland, As You Wish Talk Radio – 28.7.2017


James Gilliland on the As You Wish Talk Radio, 28.7.2017

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Notes on covert information-ops

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Notes on covert information-ops

By Jon Rappoport

Ops involving information take many forms.

For example, let’s start with a simple “Sunday School” version that any child could learn in an hour. A smear campaign can be carried out by highlighting people who, on their own, already claim an “extreme position”—and then falsely tying those people, by association, to the person who is to be smeared.

Then there is the moving smear. When one charge you level at a person is proven false, or questionable, you add another one, and you keeping moving and piling on from many quarters.

This is more or less how the Russia-Trump story is being handled.

Let’s go to a “labeling op.” In this situation, public persons are pictured and given titles and attributes which, on closer examination, are false.

For example, former Wall Street lawyer, and supposed “socialist,” Eric Holder, rose to the position of…

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On Three Rhetorical Forms: Logos, Pathos and Ethos.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

People seek to influence one another and exert power through communication. This is also the way we create identity groupings and shared preferences, viewpoints – or ways of seeing the world.

The form that we use to deliver our message can have a far more potent influence on the psyche than the message itself. And you´ve got to ask yourself whether your agreement or disagreement truly comes from the susbtance of what is said, or simply the manner it is delivered in.

Which groups or ideologies have you followed because it was presented to you in the right way? Do you really agree with their substance?

Which individuals do you instinctively side with and who do you see as the villain based on how polished their language may be (or not)?

It´s a huge topic with broad ramifications. I distilled what I am sharing on the basis of similar…

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