A quantum leap of consciousness, waking up from the American Dream 


Chasing dreams constructed by the elite, carrots on a stick, keep us right where they want us, dissatisfied, despairing and depressed. What we have is never enough. We are programmed to look at the negative, to want more. A consumerist society only works if everyone is consuming. Economics squeezes us into tight spaces with very little leverage for true passions to be explored. Advertising and mainstream media persistently drip feed dissatisfaction. What we don’t have, that others do have. Who we should be, that others are. How we should live, to be happier than we are. More, more, more. Bigger, better, faster, shinier… things, people and lifestyles, like hamsters in a wheel we chase, chase, chase. When we run all the time, comparing ourselves to others, judging our lives by the standards of the matrix, we are locked into a cycle of negativity. Persistently sharing our dissatisfaction is flying the…

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Forever Unlimited

September 2017 Ascension Energies – Mental Focus

August Review

I was surprised that August was as smooth as it was energetically. There was plenty of challenge going on in different ways, but the collective energies were a fascinating juxtaposition. The August energies (the electromagnetic influx and response) were ushering in a resonance that had a deep effect on a mental level.

The emotional and physical effect in the immediate may have felt like a back-and-forth of release/resolve repeating. It was stirring up some patterns that needed to be released from the collective through each individual.

Did you notice any ah-ha moments, any changes in your reactions or observations? They may seem minor, but that is what creates the change. Sometimes it’s two steps forward/one step back. Allow the readjustments their time to form.

I saw a lot of excitement…

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Nature Walk 08.31.2017 – Humid and Hot



Nature Walk 08.31.2017 – Humid and Hot

But not raining.  Florida was steaming under a hot late August sun, while Texas is beginning a slow recovery from the onslaught of Hurricane Harvey.

Birds were few and far between today, but I still had a good walk.  The title photo is of a Glossy Ibis.  While on my walk, I saw a whole flock of these beautiful birds fly in above Green Cay.





Little Blue Heron


Great Egret


Tri-colored Heron

I was at the wetlands earlier than usual to beat the heat.  Still, by the time I finished, I was dripping wet, par for course.

Hope you enjoy the photos and this little tour.


Eliza Ayres

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Energy Update: Ongoing Digestion Of The Intense, Mirroring, Highest-Timeline-Activating August Energies

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen


Last ‘day’ of August and WHAT a month of intense energies it has been for all of us it feels like, especially those of us sensitive to and tuned into celestial energies from within and in the cosmos. Two mega eclipses, the Lion’s/Lioness’ gateway portal opening, timelines collapsing and merging and overlapping more consciously. The degree to which you experienced the intensity of these energies seems to depend on where you are at in your ascension/awakening process and inner negotiation with 3D/4D aspects that can block or receive these energies. How you experienced these energies also can reflect what still needed to be purged up in your emotional body to be felt and if you were open to being with this process or suppressing it.

Those souls being ‘fast-tracked’ to be waySHOWers and teachers may have felt this quite acutely as we are needed to be as…

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howtoexitthematrix.com – Quotes From a Sioux Indian Chief will make you question everything about society


Lifecoachcode.com Luther Standing Bear was an Oglala Lakota Sioux Chief who, among a few rare others such as Charles Eastman, Black Elk and Gertrude Bonnin occupied the rift between the way of life of the Indigenous people of the Great Plains before, and during, the arrival and subsequent spread of the European pioneers. Raised in the traditions of his people…

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Benjamin Fulford 8-29-17… “Q&A with Benjamin Fulford”

Kauilapele's Blog

Some may be interested in Benjamin’s answers to several questions posed by readers. Most of his answers indicate a positive timeline scenario.

“…I can assert for sure the Trump regime is a de facto military junta and the US military has already taken action.

“George Soros has not been arrested because he has been killed. The cabalists are trying to maintain the illusion he is alive because they need a front man like him to act as a cover for the real actors like the Rothschilds.

“…Antifa and BLM… have been [identified as terrorist organizations] and they are being rounded up.

“…the CIA and FBI… are split into both factions but the Trump faction is now prevailing.

“The White Dragon Society is pushing for, and participating in, top level negotiations to revamp and, at times replace, the international architecture that was put in place after World War 2.”



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A Helpful Recap Video – HighHeartLife


Courtesy of HighHeartLife

A Helpful Recap Video

I’ve said many times over the decade-plus I’ve been writing/teaching/sharing Ascension information—”Light”—online that one of the hardest things for me has been writing about Ascension related things, energies, changes, symptoms, awareness’ and experiences that NOT everyone reading my articles has experienced. Not yet that is. One size does NOT fit all because everyone has not been and still are not existing within the same frequency range as everyone else, which literally means that everyone is not existing on and perceiving and experiencing the same Ascending Earth world and experiences. The whys of this are directly related to how much personal Inner Work each of us has done so far, how much more of it we’ll do throughout today, tomorrow, the next day, next month and so on.

I can’t remember the decade I first read this, 1970s or 80s, but…

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