Sundeelia: Building Resurrection Pillars



Sundeelia:  Building Resurrection Pillars

It was a cloudy, humid day in South Florida.  Rainy season was living up to its name this year, with periodic bands of intense but short-lived squalls moving through the area.  Or there was a steady drip of light rain from the fecund clouds lingering above the swaying palm trees.  We were out to catch a bite to eat at a local dining place, having been held up by a technical issue at home.

As we settled into our seats in the booth, we ordered our drinks and food and waited patiently for our orders to be brought to the table.  The atmosphere was lively.  Many people were out also joining the early evening crowds for dinner.

Plates of steaming food arrived and we began to eat.  Then I noticed my sister who was sitting next to me waving her hand in irritation.  She said, “Do you see that fly?  It’s black and huge!”

“No…” I replied, looking in askance at her.  There was no flies flying around in front of my face or apparent in this nice restaurant.  “What did you see?”

She paused a moment and listened within, “No… not a fly.  It was a soul fragment and was aiming for my heart center…”

I raised my eyebrows and stared at her, “What are you seeing?”

“Didn’t you see it… feel it?” She asked.

Serenely, I replied, “No… and I have the Ring Pass Not around my auric field.  I’m protected.”

She searched my face for a moment and replied, “So have I.  What is this?”

Again she listened within and her face changed as she got a reply.  “We need to raise up a pillar here.”

I nodded and immediately when into a brief inner meditation and command, calling forth the construction of a resurrection pillar to be anchored on the spot.  Apparently it was very needed in this particular district of the city.

When bringing forth a resurrection pillar, you call upon the Resurrection Angels to assist.  They know what to do.  The Angels of the Fourth Ray of Purity, Ascension and Resurrection construct the Pillar, a great pillar of Light extending from below the surface of the earth and into the Heavens above.  The brilliance of the white Light attracts all soul fragments that are willing to pass over into the Light.  The effect of a pillar can last momentarily or it can last for years.

I learned that in this case, it was a soul fragment of a young girl who had recently passed over due to sexual abuse by male members of her own family.  Unfortunately, these circumstances are far too common in this so-called modern era.  My sister saw this soul fragment as a large black shape.  Her clairvoyance is more developed than my own, so she could see the fragment as an actual shape.

By assisting in acting as ground crew and directing the construction of a Pillar, you are acting on behalf of the liberation of more than just human souls.  The elementals of this planet have also been caught up into the astral workings of the black magicians since the time of the fall of Atlantis.  It is now time to free them so they can do their work, freed of the negative energies.

You can find trapped souls and elementals everywhere there has been significant trauma involved.  Trapped in the astral plane, they cannot escape, but are forced to replay over and over the original trauma that created their death.  The negative entities of the 4th and lower 5D utilize the fear and anguish of these tortured beings for food, looesh as it is expressed by some.  So in working in co-creation with the Resurrection Angels, you are assisting in denying these negative entities of their sustenance, thus also freeing mankind of their manipulations.

When a Resurrection Pillar is created, the Legions of Archangel Michael also appear to assist in the “round-up” of negative entities that have also fragmented so that they, too, can be removed from an area.  These negative entities can affect and do affect certain individuals who have holes in their auric fields or are addicted to substances such as tobacco, alcohol and drugs.  All of you have observed the effects of these substances upon loved ones or friends, with depression often leading to suicide.  These suicides, in turn, become trapped in the astral, until they, too, can be set free.

We are human angels, awake and aware that all upon this earth is not as it appears.  There is much that is as yet unseen by those who have not opened to their metaphysical senses, the senses that exist within all humans beyond the physical five of taste, touch, hearing, seeing, and smell.  There is clairvoyance or clear seeing through visions and dreams.  There is clairsentience, or clear feeling.  There is clairaudience, the ability to hear what your physical ears cannot hear, the quiet voice within, the voice that you feel rather than hear.  And according to ancient Egyptian wisdom, our beings are capable of 360 different senses, which we will regain as our crystalline light bodies are integrated into our physical bodies through the ascension process.

If it is your intent to set forth these pillars, know it is advisable to shield your auric field by the daily use of Archangel Michael’s Shield, which you can find here.  Use of this Shield also gives your body protection as you sleep if you can remember to have the Shield reinforced before going to sleep.  I have even found that if I forget to shield during the day that my inner sense of well-being can wane as it is being affected by the denser energies that bombard us through daily living.  By reinforcing the Shield, I instantly feel better.  It is important to be able to discern or feel what is your energy and what is not.

I understand that ultimately we are all One, but that heightened and holy state of Being does not exist yet upon this earth.  There are still energies that require clearing, both within us and around us.  We cannot do the work for other living entities, but we can assist those who are lost between life and death through the building of the Resurrection Pillars.  In turn, this work allows the intervention of the Angelic Legions to clear whole sections of the astral plane, which will work to en-lighten the rest of us who still live in the physical plane.  The removal of negative entities by the Legions of Michael also allows the rest of us the freedom from astral attacks from Team Dark, so that we might continue on with our important inner work, the reintegration of our own lost soul fragments so that we might become Whole once again.

Through the process of ascension, each soul is required to gather up those soul fragments that are still caught up on the astral plane.  These fragments can have broken off during this lifetime or others.  It is all the same.  You are required to heal self by reintegrating all parts of Self that have lingered long in the shadows of separation.  Bring the Light forth within your own being to become Whole once more.  And as you gain in personal strength and awareness, your own quotient of compassion for the plight of others will increase.  It is one thing to spout empty phrases; it is another to actually do the great Work.

We are all called upon to bring Light to our world by working first on ourselves and then addressing the needs of others.  This may appear selfish at first, but know without great inner strength, integrity and wisdom gained through life experience, you cannot understand what appears as “other” until you understand your own motivations and reactions.

In causing the pillar to be erected in the midst of a busy restaurant, we just sat there quietly eating in a state of wonder, realizing that we were in the middle of the pillar.  Usually the pillars are erected next to or nearby, but we were in the middle of it and completely unaffected by what was being enacted before us.

If you wish to set a Pillar, simply call upon the Resurrection Angels.  They will do the rest.  And call in the Legions of Michael so they might be empowered to clear the astral plane of those negative entities who have been feeding upon the trapped souls or elementals that are there.  If you have visited the site of an old tragedy, especially a battlefield, you can do the same.  If you are acquiring a piece of property and wish to clear it of all negative energies, you can set crystals at each corner of the boundaries.  The pillar can be reactivated at any time, either through your physical presence or through your powerful thought.  You are all more powerful than you know.  Space and time has no effect on your thought that can travel the length and breadth of the Universe within seconds.

Go in Peace, dear ones, and know that true peace and prosperity will be yours.  Persevere with your efforts on your own behalf and know that what you do for self truly affects all around you in raising the vibrations of the earth and its collective consciousness.

Namaste, I bow in reverence to the God Self within each living creature.

I AM Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe (aka Eliza Ayres)

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Eliza and the Angels: On Accepting Power


Blue Dragon Journal


Eliza and the Angels: On Accepting Power

Channeler:  Tazjima Amariah Kumara VaCoupe

Empowerment, personal sovereignty, self-love… all these are current buzz words among those who are in the process of revealing Truth to a people who have starved on lies for centuries.

Yet, what IS Power, truly? Is it giving yourself permission to beat other people down by your sense of self-importance or superiority?

Hardly… yet this is how many people use and abuse power in our world.

Power is given by the authority within each man OR woman OR child to live free. And long has that individual  power been denied, reviled and suppressed by the Powers That Were.

Lies were invented to strip power and personal sovereignty away from those who were deemed by someone in “authority” who deemed “them” as being “different” or “less than human”   In other words, these lies were invented by those who claimed that…

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Eliza: “Return of the Guardians”


Blue Dragon Journal

DSCN0666Journal Entry 08.24.2016 – “The Return of the Guardians”

Note to Reader:  In this “journal entry” I share a bit of what I learned through the reading of the latest book by David Wilcox, “The Ascension Mysteries”, blended with what I have picked up through my own assorted readings through the years, decades of being on my own individual journey of self-discovery.

Yesterday (08.23.16), I was rather overcome with nausea, diarrhea, joint pain, muscular aches and a general feeling of malaise.  Later in the day, I saw that there had been a significant CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) from our Sun.  And this morning, came the news of a 6.4 on the Richter scale, deadly earthquake located in the center of the Italian Peninsula… an area of ancient villages perched atop the ridges of the Apennine mountain range.  Things are rocking and rolling…and it’s going to get even more intense according…

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Journal Entry, 23 August 2017 – Time Warps



Journal Entry, 23 August 2017 – Time Warps

I could have sworn it was the 22nd, but hey, the Georgian calendar is bunk anyway.  Went for a bird walk this morning.  It was steamy although not quite as warm today.  Rain in the forecast and did catch a tiny shower on the way home, but nothing startling.  I guess the great state of Texas is going to get clobbered this weekend by Harvey, tropical storm or hurricane yet to be determined.  Stay safe, folks, and don’t go driving through standing water.


The birds were few and far between today, but I did observe an industrious and frustrated Red-shouldered hawk try to catch a marsh hen for lunch.  It was a no go despite several attempts.  The marsh hens are the marsh watch folks, setting up alarm calls whenever an alligator or bird of prey is in the neighborhood.  And they’re remarkably adept at bouncing underwater to avoid those talons!  The hawk finally flew away in frustration.


The big news all over the net has been the great American eclipse.  Interesting thing was that the heavenly hosts, our galactic friends, etc., took advantage of the huge positive energy stimulated by the event to raise up the planet in frequency.  Now the energies will truly no longer support the dark team agenda.  My sister and I “saw” with our inner eyes the great Lords surround and lift up the planet, even as the goddesses and lady masters sent forth their loving nurturing energies to clear the darkness.  During the lasting effects of this great event, we will have an opportunity to truly reprogram our intentions to go forth into the future.  Much has been accomplished by all.


Events will continue to bring further revelations of all that has been previously hidden from view.  Those individuals who have been reluctant to step forward and begin their own inner healing have a great boost now from the positive energies if they are willing to commit to the task.  There are presently many divine dispensations in effect.  Make use of the simple tools of the Violet Flame and Archangel Michael’s Shield to assist your process.


I haven’t been writing much of my own lately.  For over a month, I was concentrating on getting a new version of The Starseed Highway online for my sister.  We will both be contributing to this new website in the coming months and years.  And I will continue to publish Blue Dragon Journal for the foreseeable future.

Enjoy your week,

Eliza Ayres


© All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

No videos or recordings of this material are authorized.

Photos:  All from Palm Beach County wetlands.

Eliza: Taking Flight


My thoughts reach out to the lands I left…

Blue Dragon Journal

Eagle Cap from Zumwalt Prairie

iza: Taking Flight

These past two nights, I’ve spent in the company of three men, actually three male Pleiadians, men of my own family. They are two Archangels and an Angelic Pleiadian who is also my own mate.

While I have drifted into and out heavy sleep, these loving beings have worked with my energies, adjusting my frequencies, accelerating the transition that I am currently undergoing.

When I pause and turn within, I can feel their tremendous love for me echoing in the growing hearth flame within the heart chakra. I can easily drop into an almost permanent state of meditative awareness now as the frequency levels increase incrementally.

I have not had a child in this lifetime. Nor have any of my children survived to adulthood in my two previous lifetimes, as Joseph and the WWII pilot. Consequently, I have little to keep me anchored here. I feel like…

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Nature Walk, 18 August 2017 – Summer Daze



Nature Walk, 18 August 2017 – Summer Daze

The wetlands were relatively quiet today except for small groups of walkers chatting as they got in their daily exercise.  With few tourists around now, there’s plenty of room for serious or not so serious walkers.  And just a few elderly getting around slowly with stiff joints or simply while recuperating from knee surgeries.

The only birds who appear to be actively feeding their young are the cattle egrets who have moved to tree islands away from the boardwalk.  I did hear the calls of an osprey couple who may be also raising some young, but didn’t spy out any nest in the thick strip of trees bordering the outer fringe of the wetlands.  I did see one osprey adult take wing overhead, a beautiful sight.


This handsome fellow is a Tri-colored Heron (see above).  Note the white belly.


These green iguanas seemed to be quite active munching on fallen leaves.


The wetlands are some of the few park-like settings in the nearby neighborhood that are not a half hour or more drive away.  This area is quite built up and with all the gated neighborhoods, not very friendly to the passerby.


The ponds were mirror-like this morning in the growing heat of the day.  No perceptible wind.  Just an ever-changing carpet of clouds overhead.


The wetlands have these educational story boards spotted about to help visitors learn a bit more about the marsh land environment.  The marshes are all man-made, used as a natural water filtration area by the local water department.  Other nearby cities are also building their versions of this water filtration system so waters entering the Everglades, specifically the Loxahatchee, will be cleansed of all pollutants.


The elegant Great White Egret, which was nearly wiped out due to its feathers being used in fashion.


A lounging turtle hiding in the duck weed.


Another photographer kindly pointed out this juvenile Night Heron.


A basking turtle on its favorite perch, an old palm tree trunk.


In coming to these wetlands now for nearly four months, I’m becoming acquainted with some of the other visitors, frequent walkers and photographers, as well as the creatures who inhabit the marshes.  It’s been quite an education and nice places to study at close hand some of the wild creatures of South Florida.

Most of the local beach parking requires payment of sometimes steep fees, unlike the Flagler County Beaches which were run by the county and/or State park systems.  Being on a fixed income, I need to economize here and there, so enjoy getting outside where the parking is free and nearby.  And I walk in my own neighborhood at times… where I can find some of the same birds fishing in our local ponds.  Besides that, I just seem to gravitate more to the marshes than the beaches here.  I get restless just lying around on the sticky, salty and very hot sand.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour.  Have a lovely weekend everyone.  The big American Eclipse AND a powerful New Moon are on Monday next, so take care of yourself.  Find some time to detach and spend in Nature with friends or on your own.


Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,


Nature Walk, 17 August 2017 – Day of the Iguana



Nature Walk, 17 August 2017 – Day of the Iguana

It is an 888 day, part of a powerful transitional period that we’re currently undergoing. And it was a good day to go for a walk.  The title comes from the fact that I saw a lot of iguanas today.  In one place, there were about 15 sunning themselves on a nice scrap of lawn.  These iguanas are taking over Florida!  They get pretty big, too.  Luckily they are vegans!


And there were birds…


The charming black-bellied whistling ducks.


Bittern drying its wings in the hot sun.



Anhinga taking a break from fishing.


Elegant Egret


These turtles were splashing around under the boardwalk.


Yet another iguana…

It’s mid-August and HOT.  The heat index was extreme today, so a long walk later in the day was out of the question.  Early morning is best right now.  I will be grateful when the slightly cooler temperatures of autumn arrives in a couple of months.

Hope you enjoyed these photos… The bird population in the wetlands has dropped quite a bit since most of the fledglings have grown up and departed the environs for other lands.

The big American Eclipse is happening this coming Monday, the 21st.  Meanwhile, keep tabs on the condition of your body as it goes through upgrades and cleansings.

Blessings to the collective,


Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,


Nature Walk, 11 August 2017 – After the Storm



Nature Walk, 11 August 2017 – After the Storm

The title could be “the rainy season, part 8…” as we continue to have periodic thunderstorms built, dump and pass through the area.  Seeing that a good portion of the Pacific Northwest is dealing with unusually hot weather and smoke from wide-spread forest fires… well, I’ll put up with a little rain here in Florida.  The smoke and dust of Eastern Washington (plus nearby Hanford) didn’t do wonders for my lungs.  I still get a dry cough when tired or stressed.

The day started out cloudy as I packed up Bella the Kia and headed out to my favorite wetlands.  The birds were quiet and huddled on their nests, a sign of impending weather.  Soon enough it began to sprinkle a bit, but I broke out the umbrella, stowed the camera and continued walking.  After checking out the activity (or lack thereof — this is “off season” for the birds as well as the visitors) at Wakodahatchee, I drove over to Green Cay.

There was a little more action at Green Cay, with lots of Little Blue Heron sightings, an alligator and tons of turtles poking their noses above the tea-colored waters of the wetlands.

See below for more photos from this little outing:


Anhinga, an underwater swimmer


Cattle Egret


Brooding Black-bellied Whistling Duck


Little Blue Heron


Odd Cloud Formation


Bittern or Green Heron (still learning, lol!)


Basilisk Lizard (the one that runs on two legs!)

DSCN4025 And the grand finale, an adult alligator sighting

All in all, it was a good day outing, starting in clouds and ending in sunshine with a couple of alligator sightings to boot, always a plus.  The one up above was cruising across an open stretch of water at Green Cay Wetlands.

Enjoy the upcoming weekend and blessings to all!


Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, 2012-17, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Photos:  All mine, taken @ Wakodahatchee and Green Cay Wetlands, Palm Beach County.

Eliza and the Angels: Ramping Up


Blue Dragon Journal


Eliza and the Angels – Ramping Up

Note to Reader:  Before the end of this post, you will notice a change in “voice”… the angels came in to address you.  They are ever present and available to assist with your given permission.  As with any message, allow your own discernment to determine what to absorb and what to let go.  Accept responsibility over any reactions.  If this material is not for you, then go forth with our blessings.

While on the surface, my life seems pretty quiet – indeed, I’ve had the house to myself the past week – it still “feels” like something is ramping up, both within and without.

I am aware of the Lion’s Gate energies that are already with us and the impending eclipses of September that are just around the corner and probably already affecting each of us in our own way.  Yet, I’ve learned…

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Eliza: Accepting Sovereignty and Setting Boundaries


Blue Dragon Journal


Eliza:  Accepting Sovereignty and Setting Boundaries

This is a piece that has been gathering slowly at the edge of my consciousness in the past few weeks, especially in the uncomfortable aftermath of a recent change in circumstances for me.

As I am wont to do, I was wondering at the source of my yearning to rejoin and connect with other “spiritual” people, and I began to realize that this is a particular hold-over from past lives when I have lived, successfully and otherwise, in community.  These various communities have taken form as nunneries, monasteries, ashrams, religious cooperatives and initiatory temples.

While my spiritual life within this lifetime has largely developed well away from other spiritually minded folk, I have experienced being with and among those who were / are in the process of undergoing their own spiritual journeys.

Being a particularly sensitive being… and for a long while not being…

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