Sacred Heart Power: for the LOVE of Self ~ July 26, 217


As of today, the Planetary New Year, eclipse season AND the Lion’s Gate is officially open and we are no doubt in for the ride of several lifetimes!

In the new report I talk about the extraordinary potential of this powerful line up of cosmic events and how, ultimately…it all comes down to Self LOVE.

Here is some of what you can expect in the FULL version of the article:

  • Eclipse Season Opens- what the intense preparation was for
  • reBirth, reLearn, reCreate- new strata of human experience
  • Replacement Programming – ushering in new breakthroughs
  • The Power of LOVE- higher Heart energies called into play
  • From IN to AS ‘Service’- the unified version of spiritual success
  • Cohesion Process- time to bring ALL of ourcellves into the NOW
  • The ORIGINAL Merkabah -final activation in the series

Sacred Heart Power: for the LOVE of Self 

In the scheme of things, July has been such an important transition month between the purifying Pentecostal energies…

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