Nature Walk – There be Dragons


Nature Walk – There be Dragons…

Well, dragonflies really.  Tons of them flitting around the marsh, along with butterflies, all enjoying the balmy calm summer morning.

I saw one man carrying a towel in his hand.  I understand — just moving a little makes you break out in a sweat in this summer heat.

I noticed the water levels in the marshes has come up quite a bit — we received a few good rainfalls over the last four or five days.  Last Friday was a barn-burner, thunder ‘n lightning show for hours.  There were even fewer birds around and no sign of any gators today.  The cattle egrets are busy raising their young who are growing into feathered fledglings, who bounce and beat their wings every time an adult returns to the nest with a meal.

I understand that a lot of folks are complaining or reporting about the intense energies.  I actually feel rather serene and at peace.  It’s very nice, but then again, I don’t have job or family issues on my plate.

The USA is going to crossed by a solar eclipse in a month.  Should be interesting to observe.  This far south in Florida we probably won’t get much darkness.  The eclipse is crossing from Oregon to South Carolina, right across the nation.

Observe self-care, get plenty of sleep, eat lightly, drink pure water and exercise gently.  Allow your body to be loved and appreciated.

Be well, everyone…


Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

P.S. More photos below:



Whistling Ducks


Flustered Cattle Egret Parent


Great Blue Heron Cooling Itself (open mouth)



Tri-colored Heron


Great Egret


Growing thunderheads mirrored in calm pond waters.

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