Creativity as a Virtue, and Uniqueness as the Soul’s Code.

Sophia's Children

“Creativity is conceived as a reproductive act with a tangible result — a child, a book, a monument — that has a physical life going beyond the life of its producer.”

“Creativity, however, can be intangible in the form of a good life, or a beautiful act, or in other virtues of the soul such as freedom and openness, style and tact, humor, kindness.”

~ James Hillman, American Psychologist, Author & Visionary

Spirit of the Night, 1879 by John Atkinson Grimshaw. PD via Wikimedia.

James Hillman was a re-imagineer, and an advocate of a more soul-conscious psychology. He was, by all accounts, something of an iconoclast, and a wry-witted critic of the tyranny of overly calcified convictions, or fundamentalism.

He didn’t exempt his own professional field, psychology, from critique, as his books, Re-Imagining Psychology (1975) and We’ve Had a Hundred Years of Psychotherapy – And the World’s Getting…

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