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Note to Reader:  I spent much of my childhood sitting in the dirt, playing with toys, roller-skating all over the neighborhood, crawling through bushes and playing “fort”.  I skinned my knees, I got childhood illnesses, I recovered.  I didn’t receive any vaccinations until sixth grade… one for polio.  As an adult, I’ve met germophobic parents who insist on keeping their houses super clean and frankly haven’t seen that their children are better off.  Working in the soil, being around animals and being in Nature is natural; our modern lives are not.

While most parents would do their best to keep their children and their homes as clean as possible, others are happy to let their children get dirty. Jack Gilbert is one such parent. According to Gilbert, encouraging children to play in the mud isn’t just good for them, but

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    I do agree, kids need to be around dirt, and animals, farm animals to build up the immune system, and few if any vaccines, critters included. As far as meat goes, if you grow and butcher your own meat and do it in a clean environment that will help. If the meat, muscles have pathogens that means the animal is ill and should not be eaten. The meat processing plants are where the pathogens come into the meat, not the animal, meat itself, I think. Find a local butcher and buy grass fed beef and have it processed if you cannot do it yourself, it will be cleaner than the big commercial places. If food is processed right, or anything else, there should be no recalls. Use herbs and essential oils to help keep your immune system up. Food as medicine and medicine as food.

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