Note to Readers:  This is the project I’ve been working on for about a month, assisting my sister, RaNia Kumara VaCoupe (aka Trillia Gia) to move her old blog to a new website, .  It pleases me that I could offer my “expertise” in reorganizing the new blog to make it easy for readers to access the genuine wealth of information contained therein.  In the future, many of the messages from Tazjma and Sundeelia will be also posted on The Starseed Highway to add to the material emerging from many of our Galactic mentors, friends and family.  This has been a fun project as I have learned a lot about WordPress.  The “project” will be ongoing as we add new information in the future.  God bless, Eliza Ayres (aka Sundeelia VaCoupe).

We're closed for business


 STARSEED HIGHWAY ‘s name has evolved to:  “TheStarseedHighway“, with a new web address: !  Yes, we now have a named domain.

With the combined efforts of RaNia and Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe, we have reorganized the works of Rananda Kumara (aka David Spears), Trillia Gia, Tazjma Kumara VaCoupe Lan Tetrah and others to create the beginnings of a new Cosmic Library.

This “library” is a work in process.  Expanding Legions of Light, who are coming forth within the increasing waves of Light to awaken remembrance within the Hearts and Minds of Humanity.  These Lords and Ladies, Galactic family and friends will continue to introduce themselves through this library and other sources, as Humanity continues its awakening process.

These great Beings of Light, many either unknown or little known to the people of Earth, will be adding information, sacred tools, decrees and invocations to…

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