Nature Walk – Humidity


Green Iguana – non-native to Florida

Nature Walk – Humidity

Does anyone ever get used to summer humidity in Southern Florida?  I go outside… my temperature rises one degree while I’m just trying to take a walk!  Needless to say… I’m not outside in the middle of the day around here unless I’m swimming in a pool.

So I went to a couple of my favorite nearby wetlands, Wakodatchatchee and Green Cay, on two different days.  This morning the skies looked very threatening.  Thundershowers were brewing in every direction.  Even before I got to Green Cay, the boardwalk was wet.  And it rained while I was there.  Fortunately I had a small umbrella in the car which I had to use.  Still, you are wet whether it rains or not around here.  Rain or sweat?  Hmmm?

The birds were hunkered down today.  There were a few waders and some feathered clowns hanging out on the dead snags they put up for perches.  Sturdy walkers were either walking through the rain shower or gathering in the little shelters spotted along the boardwalk.

I still haven’t recovered fully from whatever I have… a detox, a cold, a sore throat, a dry cough.  Other than that, I’ve been fully occupied of late building a new website for a friend on WordPress.  I’ve learned a lot of new things.  I’m entirely self-taught in this WordPress business, so I think I’ve done rather well considering.  I’ll publish a link to the website when we decide it’s ready for the public.

Here’s some creatures found on my walks…


Wood Stork – only native Stork in the States


Anhinga, swimming fisher bird


Glossy Ibis


Tri-colored Heron




Heron in the Rain


Whistling Duck

As you can see, this area… the few natural areas left at any rate… hold an extraordinary diversity in wildlife.  I hope these areas continue to be protected into the future as the birds and other creatures are thriving.

By the way, most of the storms tend to brew up over the Everglades and then occasionally meander in our direction.  There are definite micro-climates in the region, but I’m still learning them.

Enjoy your week and thanks for dropping by!

Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Photos:  All taken in Palm Beach County, Florida, July 2017

6 thoughts on “Nature Walk – Humidity

  1. I love the iguanas and the Whistling Duck! Simple Egrets have always been a favorite too, yet because of your nature blogs and spectacular photos I’ve had to expand my favorites list. Yet, although I enjoy the turtles, I will keep my distance from the gators!!!

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  3. Pardon my sense of humor, but I’d love to get those whisking ducks 🦆 on one of my songs, lol. Seriously, beautiful photographs! Every time See your blog, I learn something new! Thanks

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