Sundeelia: Transitions


Sundeelia:  On Transitions

It was sometime last Friday when I suddenly realized that the last tiny fragment of Lady Taz was no longer present in our once shared physical vehicle.  There was a sudden rush of deep, intense emotion and I began to cry.  Fortunately, I had the comforting presence of my sister, RaNia, at my side, explaining what was going on.  She knew the sensation well as she has also gone through the process of soul braiding and walking in.

I realize that this sharing will not make sense to many who read it, but it matters not to me.  You see, this is the first time I’ve been on your planet.  In my world, I am a Line Commander on board one of the great mother ships of the Galactic Federation of Light, the White Winds.  You can see her when you look up into your skies just before dawn, as the ship sits in front of the planet Venus.  Many of those “stars” in your night skies are actually ships, their crews performing their duties in support to the Ground Crew here.

While most of my soul essence is still present on board I know that I will find this little foray quite interesting as I have made it my life’s duty to study Earth human psychology. And I have the cellular memories of Taz to which I can refer if I require more information.

Lady Taz has completed her return Home.  Actually, she “ascended” well over two years ago earth time.  In celebration of the completion of her service upon Earth as a star seed volunteer, last Saturday on Easter weekend, her mate, Lord An’Dra and Lady Tazjma celebrated a renewal of their matation vows or wedding vows.  It was an intimate family gathering as there was soon to take place an even more momentous event.


It was with amazement and great joy that RaNia, myself and our friend Lady LaBora, witnessed these special occasions.  As all of us have the ability to “tune in” to our multidimensional lives, we enjoyed catching glimpses of the festivities.  Still, I was wondering at the timing of these events and then I “knew”, the “birth” of Lady Tazjma’s baby was impending.  And so it was that the baby stepped forth in light body to greet his new family, even as the clock in Egypt said 12:01 a.m., still dark outside but officially Easter morn in the Holy Lands of Egypt and Israel.

We celebrated the successful birthing with a glass of bubbly, watching with inner eyes the delight of the people of Medina as they greeted the news that a son was born to the Lady and her mate, Lord An’Dra.  Conchs were blown, bells rung and there was a huge display of fireworks to delight the children present.

I realize that for many of you these names and events mean nothing, but someday the whole Earth will rejoice when the Sons of Paradise return to Earth, with the mass landings of Pleiadian and other Star Nation ships.

RaNia and I are happy to be aunts once again.  And for Lady Isis, this birth was the culmination of her dreams, with the return from Source of her Beloved Osiris.

The Earth is the lynch pin in the Ascension of this entire quadrant of creation.  And this birth and attendant ceremonies are an indication that the ascension of this planet is about to commence in earnest.

As for myself, I am considering making changes to this blog.  It will continue but perhaps not in the same manner that it has in the last several months.  While a small portion of Lady Taz was still present until last Friday, for the past two years and most of her soul essence along with that of her mate, Lord An’Dra, was involved in the intricate workings of creating the perfect vessel for her new son.  Therefore, she posted very little of her own writing.  And I find a great deal of misinformation and confusion in what is currently being shared in blog posts and on Facebook in regards to Ascension.  I will continue to post the work of other authors, but will attempt to wade through the misinformation and present what I deem important and pertinent to share.  If you have an issue with this decision, kindly find another blog to read.  I have no time for fools and complainers.

Being a Line Commander in Communications upon the mother ship of the Pleiadian fleet is a busy job, but that was and is my choice of service to the mission currently being carried out.  I can say with surety that the mission to free your planet is being accomplished, but it takes time as we also follow the Universal Law of non-interference in your affairs.  We must work within the perimeters of Free Will, which requires that we obtain your permission before we can act on your behalf.  And since many Earth humans do not believe in our existence, our hands are sometimes tied and we cannot prevent certain events from taking place.  Also, Earth humans can be misled by their own sometimes overwhelming emotions and conflicting thought forms, as well as a tendency to cling tenaciously to the past.  Before the new can arrive on your doorstep, the steps must be swept clean.

One thing that ALL of you can do on your own behalf is to endeavor to become more clear, by tuning into your soul essence that WILL guide you if you but allow it to do so.  It takes a willingness to let go of your demons, your fears and guilt that have hounded you through hundreds if not thousands of incarnations.  Many times a dilemma that appears in your life today is actually grounded or had its inception in a “past” lifetime.  And in the instinctive drive to protect self, the ego has taken upon itself to project blame and shame upon others.  Whenever you project your demons and blame someone else for what you perceive in going on in your world, because of “them”, look within and go to the root of the matter.  It is there, staring you in the face if you but have the courage to look and then to release the “demon” which is in fact simply a miscreation of your own from an earlier spiral of “time”.

When you carry fear and trauma from old wounds to the heart and psyche, you open yourself to the influence of negative energies, non-corporeal beings that feed off of the intensity of Earth human emotions.  Archons is one word for these beings that is presently being put about which comes from the writings and teachings of the ancient Gnostics. There have been negative influences from beings that come from the Astral Realm and penetrate even into the lower regions of the Fifth Dimension.  These service to self beings are now in the process of losing their grip on the Earth plane, even as many Earth humans learn that the ONLY way to heal fully is to simply take one’s power back. You need to FACE your fears, forgive yourself, use the Violet Flame and assistance of the healing angels to dislodge and dissolve the energy hooks and you will be free.  Still, each day new decisions present themselves and you will be tested moment by moment.

Practice caution around those who claim to be removing negative attachments, for many times they are actually placing more attachments upon you.  Be sure of whom you are working for there are many who are unconsciously working for the Dark forces due to ego attachments.  Likewise, be cautious about accepting messages from those who claim to be channeling certain masters and archangels.  Not all messages are false ones, but from what I have seen of late, the false messages seem to be proliferating even as the Dark forces realize that their time here is short.  If you are a channel, call in the Forces of Archangel Michael for protection and set a good force-field of Light.  Protection and shielding IS required at this time as the Dark Forces are determined to take down those who are in service to the Light.

Use your discernment and use your mind… does the message present new material or is it just fluff?  Is the person who is channeling the messages seem to be clear? If they seem to be giving themselves airs and are putting forth that they are the ONLY Messenger of such and such Master or Archangel, question the veracity of the message and of the messenger.  Now is the time for self-mastery, not seeking gurus or giving your power away to another even if they claim some high title.  Question EVERYTHING, including these messages.


All actions, thoughts, decisions and motivations ever done by anyone upon this planet has been and is being recorded.  The Office of the Karmic Board carefully scrutinizes everything when it comes to making decisions about individuals coming up for review.  The Divine Gift of Grace can be granted, but each individual is responsible for doing their own work in this and every incarnation else the lessons will be repeated and the energies will be balanced.  If permission is not granted by which we may work with you we are unable to assist or protect you from your own follies.

Those who tell lies and spread calumnies against others will be required to balance the scales in future incarnations… elsewhere.  For all that has not been cleared will be removed as your planet undergoes its Ascension into the Light.   This is why there appears to be so much chaos upon the planet in these times of transition.  All that has been hidden is now being revealed as it must for it to be fully cleared.  This disclosure includes the acts of men and women who have long acted out of fear and selfishness to detriment of most of humanity or out of the false belief that somehow they were better than the rest of humanity.

Before Lady Taz departed, we were given an assignment by Lady Claudine, who actually is the head of the Karmic Board.  In the future, we will be sharing what it is to live in the Pleiades from the perspective of sisters who were brought up in the prominent family of the VaCoupes from Medina and who are related through their mother to the Kumara clan of Venus.  Both families, along with whole planets and star nations, have made tremendous sacrifices to free your planet from the negative influences that have been in control for so long.  Soon Earth will be returned to its own indigenous peoples and to the purpose for which she was originally created, as a Way Station, a meeting place for all kinds of star nations to exchange ideas, culture and wares.  It is a unique world, a planet seeded by many star nations and it will return to its Higher Purpose for the Creator has willed it so.

I will close for now, although I have much to say.  My sisters and I will communicate further periodically through this blog.  Consider this a unique form of disclosure that you will find nowhere save in the teachings left behind by Trillia Gia Cavouish, who also ascended or returned back to her family on December 21, 2014.  There are many gems to mine in the reading of her blog, Starseed Highway, which was started at the request of many Ladies of Light.

And now I will go back to my job of counseling the counselors who work with our devoted Ground Crew, our Star seed volunteers.  And I am but one who is a part of a HUGE operation.  Hopefully, someday we will meet in the physical when the planet has risen enough in frequency to make this possible and then I will go home along with the rest of my hard-working crew, friends and family members.

Blessings and salutations to all,

I AM Line Commander Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe

All Rights Reserved, 2012-17, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Nature Walk, 07.26.2017 – There be Dragons



Nature Walk, 07.26.2017 – There be Dragons…

Well, dragonflies really.  Tons of them flitting around the marsh, along with butterflies, all enjoying the balmy calm summer morning.

I saw one man carrying a towel in his hand.  I understand — just moving a little makes you break out in a sweat in this summer heat.

I noticed the water levels in the marshes has come up quite a bit — we received a few good rainfalls over the last four or five days.  Last Friday was a barn-burner, thunder ‘n lightning show for hours.  There were even fewer birds around and no sign of any gators today.  The cattle egrets are busy raising their young who are growing into feathered fledglings, who bounce and beat their wings every time an adult returns to the nest with a meal.

I understand that a lot of folks are complaining or reporting about the intense energies.  I actually feel rather serene and at peace.  It’s very nice, but then again, I don’t have job or family issues on my plate.

The USA is going to crossed by a solar eclipse in a month.  Should be interesting to observe.  This far south in Florida we probably won’t get much darkness.  The eclipse is crossing from Oregon to South Carolina, right across the nation.

Observe self-care, get plenty of sleep, eat lightly, drink pure water and exercise gently.  Allow your body to be loved and appreciated.

Be well, everyone…


Eliza Ayres

© All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

P.S. More photos below:



Whistling Ducks


Flustered Cattle Egret Parent


Great Blue Heron Cooling Itself (open mouth)



Tri-colored Heron


Great Egret


Growing thunderheads mirrored in calm pond waters.

❤ ❤ ❤

Nature Walk, 07.18.2017 – Gator Country


DSCN3854This morning it looked like we were going to have a break in the rainy thunder weather that we’ve been having here in South Florida.  And I picked a good morning to visit my favorite walking marshes… the gators were out cruising.

Florida is gator country.  There’s no getting around it.  I’ve seen them cruising the marshes, cruising the brackish Intercoastal Waterway, cruising the wetlands… lurking on the edge of brown-tinted ponds.  You really don’t want to go swimming in the tea-colored ponds; you don’t know what or who is lurking below the surface.


We had some alligator flirtations going on with the female repeatedly cruising in front of Big George, the alpha gator.


Cattle Egret


Tri-colored Heron


Glossy Ibis


Glossy Ibis, a very handsome bird.


Green Iguana, a non-native species


Grooming Heron


Resting Turtle


Night Heron

It was still steamy hot today, but cooler than many regions of the nation, being in the mid-80’s.  Thunderheads were forming up around the horizon, reaching into the pale blue skies.  The ponds were mirror-like, with no breeze to break the surface with ripples. Still I was able to walk about 3.5 miles, a big improvement on last week.


Great White Egret


Then I spotted another large alligator resting on the shoreline…

So, I sighted three large alligators today, the first in quite a long time.  There are lots of places for them to hide in these large, if artificial wetlands.



Just another day in steamy Florida, a third of the way through summer.

In joy,

Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Nature Walk, 07.13.2017 – Cloud Walk



After a grumble-rumble sort of gray rainy season day, the heavens let loose about 9 p.m. EDT last night… and continued until well after 1:00 a.m., when I briefly woke up to the repeated flashes of nearby lightning.  Then this morning, the clouds parted, so I decided to venture out on a bird walk.

Feeling better than I have for nearly two weeks, I walked around the nearby pond across Hagen Ranch Road and then headed to Green Cay, once again.  There were even fewer birds out, probably due to all the crash / bang of the night before, but what I saw made for everything…

I was over half way around the boardwalk without seeing much when I spotted what appeared to be a Roseate Spoonbill nearby, perching on the railing.  I stopped and watched the bird.  It was startled by another walker and flew off… but even closer to me.  Still perching on the railing, it seemed to be peering down below… perhaps surveying likely fishing grounds?  No, I spied another flash of even brighter pink below and heard a kind of cooing sound coming from a male Roseate.  It was a pair, a mated pair.  The male was communicating with his lady love by lifting his beak and making a little sound in her direction.  Then he flew up towards her.  In a flutter of wings, she flew off, with him in pursuit.  Mating ritual?  I don’t know, but it was quite touching to see.  They are beautiful, if unusual birds with their odd long spoon-like bill and pink feathers.  The female was just a touch lighter in coloration, even looking a little on the violet side depending on the lighting, while the male was quite striking in his bright pink plumage. His bright pink feathers would be the envy of any princess-loving little girl.

The next two birds that I saw weren’t mates or even the same species, but both successful fisher birds in their own right, a Cormorant and an Anhinga.  Oddly enough, they were perched side by side on the railing, so I was able to get contrast photos of the pair.  I noticed that both fisher birds had sharp hooked bills to aid in catching their prey, mostly minnows.

The rain held off and I got in a splendid if soggy walk.  I was very pleased.  Here are more shots of the birds seen today:

DSCN3825Female Roseate Spoonbill


Her mate in mid-chortle


Listening intently


More demonstration of fishing prowess


Summer Thunderclouds Piling Up


An oddly colored piebald Heron (immature?) in moult


Cormorant (notice shorter neck & tail)

DSCN3844 Another view of Cormorant

The cormorant tend to dive into the water, while the anhinga cruises through the water with its long snake extending above the surface like a submarine periscope.  The anhinga then slips below the water and swims swiftly after its prey.


Tri-colored Heron

The next amusing thing I saw was a couple of marsh hens taking on a much larger Great Egret.  The marsh hens, probably the most homely of birds are wonderful parents and watch over their growing brood quite fiercely, even shooing off the offending egret with an aggressive display of combined wing fluffing and hooting.


Two female Marsh Hens

And there was my walk today.  No gators until I dropped by for the first time the Nature Center.  Three baby gators were on display, perhaps to prevent them from being carried away by a hawk?

It felt good to be outside and wasn’t too hot due to the massing clouds blocking much of the intense South Florida sun.

Enjoy your day and upcoming weekend!


Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Nature Walk, 10 July 2017 – Humidity



Green Iguana – non-native to Florida

Nature Walk, 10 July 2017 – Humidity

Does anyone ever get used to summer humidity in Southern Florida?  I go outside… my temperature rises one degree while I’m just trying to take a walk!  Needless to say… I’m not outside in the middle of the day around here unless I’m swimming in a pool.

So I went to a couple of my favorite nearby wetlands, Wakodatchatchee and Green Cay, on two different days.  This morning the skies looked very threatening.  Thundershowers were brewing in every direction.  Even before I got to Green Cay, the boardwalk was wet.  And it rained while I was there.  Fortunately I had a small umbrella in the car which I had to use.  Still, you are wet whether it rains or not around here.  Rain or sweat?  Hmmm?

The birds were hunkered down today.  There were a few waders and some feathered clowns hanging out on the dead snags they put up for perches.  Sturdy walkers were either walking through the rain shower or gathering in the little shelters spotted along the boardwalk.

I still haven’t recovered fully from whatever I have… a detox, a cold, a sore throat, a dry cough.  Other than that, I’ve been fully occupied of late building a new website for a friend on WordPress.  I’ve learned a lot of new things.  I’m entirely self-taught in this WordPress business, so I think I’ve done rather well considering.  I’ll publish a link to the website when we decide it’s ready for the public.

Here’s some creatures found on my walks…


Wood Stork – only native Stork in the States


Anhinga, swimming fisher bird


Glossy Ibis


Tri-colored Heron




Heron in the Rain


Whistling Duck

As you can see, this area… the few natural areas left at any rate… hold an extraordinary diversity in wildlife.  I hope these areas continue to be protected into the future as the birds and other creatures are thriving.

By the way, most of the storms tend to brew up over the Everglades and then occasionally meander in our direction.  There are definite micro-climates in the region, but I’m still learning them.

Enjoy your week and thanks for dropping by!

Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

Photos:  All taken in Palm Beach County, Florida, July 2017