Nature Walk – By the Light of the New Moon


Nature Walks – By the Light of the New Moon

Paradoxical that my post title, eh?  Yet, even within the darkness you will discover the Light.  It is the Light matrix that brings all things to life and without Light there is no Life.  Some of the leading (as in “out there”) quantum physicists are even now discovering what the students of metaphysics have known for thousands of years.  More paradox.  Our present “science” is in its infancy, whatever its claims to fame.  And most of what children are being taught in school is nonsense.  However, this is a tale for bird lovers… as I took another walk in the park the other day, this time in Wakodahatchee Wetlands Preserve…

The lead photo is of a young egret, stretching its fuzzy neck up to survey the surroundings… a noisy nursery of wood storks, egrets, herons and anhingas.


A pensive Green Heron.  I’ve been watching this little family since the babies were young.  I believe this is an adult.


Observation of Nature is good for the soul.  Here we see a Great Blue Heron flapping its wings to regain balance while fishing for its breakfast.  How many times do we, also, need to rediscover and come into balance during the vagaries of life?


Perils along the way.  This patient alligator had just been thwarted obtaining a morning snack in the form of a baby bird.  The frantic parent distracted it enough to allow the tiny fledgling an opportunity to escape into a nearby pond apple tree.  Be aware of the dangers that lurk in our everyday world.  Be alert, protect and shield yourself, be prepared and go through your day without fear.  Those who walk in alignment with Divine Will are protected and loved as fiercely as any devoted mother can for her young.


A juvenile night heron bird.  Many strangers enter and leave our lives.  They bring diversity and challenge in equal measure.  Allow the waters of life to flow unhindered and you will receive the benefit of their presence and wisdom, if only through your own intuitive understandings of the significance of the moment.


A young and pensive Tri-colored Heron, who had been actively grooming up until it briefly settled to pose here.  There is a large nest and at least four youngsters who have been growing up before my eyes this past spring.  These birds are unafraid of humans and often stand upon the railings of the boardwalk.  Hopefully their lack of fear will not adversely affect them during adult life if they happen to leave the safety of the preserve.  Not all humans are as friendly and accepting of animals in their presence.

And so it is with other humans that we encounter, in the midst of traffic, in grocery stores, at work, in a restaurant… wherever you may wander to in the course of daily living.  Carry your own containment field, your secure auric field, and you will have little to contend with in terms of “negative” experiences.  Daily living in 3D is a challenge, but those who are on the Ascension Path still need to eat, do chores, take care of house and family, work and play.  You will meet many (most) who are not of a similar frequency level than your own.  Be kind and polite to ALL whom you meet.  Gracious behavior is an art form seen very little during these days of chaos and confusion, but one that is desperately needed.  Be true, stand in your power AND be gentle, firm and polite.  Those who do not receive the message, do not deserve to be in your presence.


The patience and dedication of Wood Stork adults is quite amazing.  Their boisterous and very large fledglings squawk and squirm, yet these tall strong birds stand with stoic calm.  Be like a stork in your own world as the storms of emotion rage around you, an island of serenity and peace, centered in your Heart always.


Cleanliness and presentation are valuable.  Even if your clothes are worn, you can still carry yourself with dignity.  This Anhinga is assiduously grooming itself after diving under the tea-colored waters of the pond seeking its prey, tiny minnows.  This bird knows the value of having every feather in place and well-dried after each swim.



And even the most prepared can have a “bad hair day”!  Be kind to self and rest when you can.  The turmoil and chaos will get louder this summer as the heat is on.  Find that calm place of inner stillness within and flow with your day.

Thus ends this lesson garnered from the Secret Life of Birds and myself.  I hope you enjoyed this little adventure and have a safe and joy-filled weekend.


Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Photos:  All taken at Wakodahatchee Wetlands Preserve, Palm Beach County, Florida

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