Lady Claudine: How to Heal Karmic Conditions

Lady Claudine

Lady Claudine VanAirus is the Elohim of the 10th Ray, Goddess of Change and the Pleiadian Queen of the Isle of BerWare.

Lady Claudine:  How to Heal Karmic Conditions

Lady Claudine am I.  Although of the Pleiades, I have the honor of sitting upon the Karmic Board of your isle (planet) during this important period of transition for your world and your collective humanity.

Many are there who ask the question, “Why me, O’Lord”…or use less salubrious language directed at various physical, mental or emotional conditions experienced during this present lifetime.  Many are there who complain endlessly about their aches and pains or the fact that they are experiencing diseases or physical ailments.  There are many reasons but the most direct answer is this:  Karma.

Beings come to this Earth isle to accelerate the opportunity to add to their soul evolution.  Whether or not you play a role for the dark or one for the light in various lifetimes, it matters not.  What matters is that in the final tally against your soul in the books of the recording angels, the energies have come into balance or nearly so.

Recently a friend of ours was given a divine gift, the knowledge of the karmic origins of the many physical maladies from which she suffers in this lifetime.  Fortunately for her, she knows two Pleiadian Violet Flame Angels who have come to this isle to share their gifts.  These beings were able to tune into the “why” and pin-point the source of the karmic return that their friend was encountering.

The word “Rome” entered their awareness when they asked “why” and soon they were downloading images and visions in response to the question.  This is something that anyone can do if they are willing to first listen to the answer and then accept the responsibility for what is learned.

The core reasons for this person’s suffering stems from this lifetime spent in Rome, as a female member of a powerful and wealthy Roman family.  This Roman family was counted among the personal friends of the Emperor and his court.  Part of their wealth was dedicated to supporting the great Games held within the Coliseum, that huge edifice that stands to this day within the heart of old Rome.  It was a place of blood sacrifice and terrible “games” where many slaves, captives and political prisoners were executed in tribute to the Emperor and the blood-thirsty Roman gods.

As a consequence of this one life-time spent enjoying with pleasure and lust the sight of other human beings being torn apart or killed, by beast and by gladiators that this one suffers today.  And she has spent many lifetimes in partial repayment for the bloody deeds that she and her wealthy family financially supported.

We say to you that to willfully sacrifice another human being for the sake of their blood is to incur great and lasting karma.  Such actions are based in the dark energy workings of the fallen angels, the ones known as the Belial, the same beings who brought down Atlantis and who destroyed the planet that once existed between Jupiter and Mars.  It is the same beings who have been known as the fallen angels, those who were cast out of Heaven (the higher dimensions) and who will NOT be allowed to return to their once high station.  This also includes those who practice pedophilia and blood sacrifice through satanic rituals to this day.

Your own core of the beginnings of the out-playing of karmic may not be quite as dramatic, but to go to the core is to seek out the entire thread so it might be cleared, released and healed NOW.  Since your multidimensional Self exists outside of time and space, you are able to do this for yourself with a certain degree of intent, surrender and willingness to accept the responsibility for continuing to work on self as long as the “problems” exist.  Indeed, these problems are actually opportunities to improve and develop your own gifts and mastery as you proceed upon the Ascension Path.

Those who seek genuine healing in this lifetime can do so by utilizing the following meditation.  For it is through seemingly simple methods that true healing can take place.  The healing must be done by the individual concerned as this is a matter of accepting self-responsibility for all that has gone on before.  Even the darkest deed or lifetimes of dark deeds can be forgiven if one’s heart is contrite and one gives permission to be healed.

For this meditation to be effective, one must first accept the premise that you have experienced “past” lives.  Many people do not remember them at first, a dilemma that usually stems from an unwillingness to look.  However, if you are willing to overcome your fear and self-judgment, you may find that you will begin to download information about previous lifetimes, which will, in turn enable you to clear them.

The Meditation:

After asking the reason “why” a certain condition exists within your life experience and receiving an answer, visualize the lifetime from which the core of darkness emanates.  Then visualize yourself within that time, seeing what you wore, who you were with, and what kind of environment was around you.  This initial visualization needs to be done within the place and time of origin where the imbalance was first created. And see what the core experience was and how you felt at that time.  It is important to “feel” the emotion as this the beginning of thought-form that wrought the misalignment of divine Source energy.  This is the core of the negative karma.

Now see yourself as you were and fill your body temple with the Violet Flame.  Feel and visualize the Violet Flame as it fills up your physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies.  Let the Violet Flame completely fill up your auric field. Whatever the situation, you have to forgive EVERYONE around you and yourself.

Then bring this Violet Flame forward into the present, tracing the timeline that extends like an energy thread between the two lifetimes, including other lifetimes that were affected by the original core misuse of energy.

Now see your present day form fill with the Violet Flame.  Forgive yourself for what happened in the past and what is occurring in your present life experience.  Utilize the Violet Flame until you begin to experience an easing of the emotional pain.

Next, wrap the Violet Flame spiral with a bright Kelly green, the Emerald Ray of Healing.  Fill up your bodies, the past and the one present, with this powerful healing energy.  Let the Green Ray begin to adjust your higher bodies.

Finally, visualize the true core of your being as a Golden Column extending from your Higher Self, down through the Crown Chakra to the Base Chakra, the length of your spine.

Continue to work with these three Rays as long as you feel a need.

For those who tend to continually dwell on their “ills”, use this meditation several times daily to dissolve and transmute the energy that is behind the physical, emotional or mental condition.  See the Violet Flame, the Emerald Ray and the Golden Ray.  You can also call on the Angels of these Rays to assist you, but you are the primary one who is responsible for the work.  This is part and parcel of self-mastery, taking responsibility for your own healing and ascension work.

Now it may be that you are one who was traumatized in the past by others.  You, too, can utilize this simple meditation to assist you in releasing the sense of dis-ease that emanates from the cellular memory of your physical body.  For it is within the cells that the “records” of your past experiences is recorded and carried through each lifetime.  The Violet Flame will assist you to release, transmute and transform the old stuck energies and thus lighten your karmic load.  For in the grand scheme of things, each one of you agreed to take on certain roles, whether dark or light, for the experience and to understand certain energies.  Those of you who were brought up in families that made it a daily practice to misuse divine energies will understand and recognize these energies more readily than those who have not.

All experience is valuable, but for one to ascend back into the higher dimensions, all that is NOT of the Light must be released.  Today we have given you one method by which you may accomplish this feat.  It is truly a Divine Gift to all.

Understand that during this window of opportunity for ascension, there has been given numerous special dispensations to aid all those who are truly willing and able to come into self-healing, self-mastery and to accept self-responsibility.  For it is in taking back your power and sovereignty that you align yourself with the Will, Love and Power of Source Energy.  The power of certain Rays has been intensified to assist during this special transition, including the Violet Flame and the Emerald Flame of Healing.  The humble and wise among you will take this opportunity to utilize these Rays to affect great healing, karmic release and self-mastery.

Those beings who walk the Earth who carry the Christ Light (the Golden Ray) within their Heart Flames will be the ones who can take advantage of this meditation.  Those who are aligned with the Sons of Belial will be required to ultimately face their fate as decreed by Cosmic Law.  The False Light will be extinguished forever upon this holy isle and humanity will be set free.

For those who are willing to embrace change in their lives, call upon me for assistance and guidance. I honor you for your efforts and love you all without condition.

Lady Claudine am I.

Scribe:  Cmdr. Sundeelia VaCoupe

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Permission is given to translate this article into other languages.  Permission is NOT granted to make videos or transmissions of said article.

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