Rethinking Dr. Greer’s False Flag Alien Invasion Scenario

Deus Nexus

While the article below makes many good points to suggest that the internet age of social networks and the Alt-media is too savy to fall for a false-flag alien invasion, allow me to point out the possibility that such a false-flag alien invasion would likely not come from the White House, or the Pentagon, or Project Bluebeam, or even Area 51, but rather from a Breakaway Civilization, one of the secret space programs that currently possess technology hundreds of years in advance of anything seen on Earth.

In such a case, this would be an actual invasion from an interplanetary Breakaway Civilization, a false flag in pretense only.  And following the Problem-Reaction-Solution formula, another faction of this breakaway civilization could come down to Earth and pretend to be our New Age saviors from outer space, thus setting up a new galactic global order.

This is pure speculation…

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