Greenland Earthquake Causes Tsunami, Flooding Coastal Homes & 76K without Power After Twister in Omaha, Nebraska [videos] ~ June 18, 2017

Let’s use a TON of Violet Flame to dissolve these negative energies!


Ok folks…it’s showtime! I don’t mean to be so dramatic and I do hope you have read my most recent blog post today,, which is Ashtar letting us know that the Earth is NOW in the period where darkness will rise up before if is destroyed on our planet!

There certainly IS a great amount of darkness (with resulting fear production) that is happening NOW. Let’s see…earthquake in Greenland, massive power outage in Nebraska from a super twister, lot’s troublesome minor quakes  at Yellowstone, the site of a “super” volcano, an up-tick of violence in the Syria with US Air force bringing down a Syrian plane that was bombing ISIS escalating into combat between the US soldiers and Syrian troops scrapping to pick up the surviving pilot. Not only that incident, but the Iranians have sent six missiles into the headquarters of ISIS in Raqqa, Syria to retaliate for…

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