Batch of Goodies: David Wilcock Update, Corey Goode Update, Dr. Michael Salla Update, John Podesta Investigation Started?


I wanted to share a few updates from various sources in the truth community that I think some of you may find of interest. First is David Wilcock’s tweet from yesterday that read the following:

As a nice synchronicity at the the time of this writing this tweet has 444 likes:


Next up are a couple of updates from Corey from Facebook:

Then Dr. Michael Salla’s new article didn’t disappoint:

(Expolitics) ‘New Majestic Document Corroborates Historic UFO Best Seller’

“The newly released Majestic-12 briefing document (“Assessment of the Situation”) contains much information about the beginning of diplomatic relations between the US government and human looking extraterrestrial visitors that began after the famed 1948 Aztec flying saucer incident.

Part one of…

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