SGTReport Videos 6-15-17… Liz Crokin… “THIS is WHY the Deep State is Targeting Trump”

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Click to view the 2nd video

[Update: this is the Observer article Liz mentions, about the Clinton campaign stealing funds from poorer donors by multiply charging their banks.]

I’m not usually drawn to watching hour-long videos like the second one. But after watching the first, 3 minute one, I did, and I was extremely “drawn in”. Liz Conklin is an investigative journalist who has worked for several MSM and other outlets, and even covered Donald Trump when he was with “The Apprentice” show.

Key points I noted (in the longer video):

– Rep. Scalise was shot due to his investigation into p-gate.
– None of the allegations made against President Trump by MSM, et al., hold any water.
– Jeff Sessions is “clean as a whistle”.
– They are both aware of p-gate, and have been so for years.
– They are being targeted because they are…

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