Archangel Adrigon: On Free Will and Choice

Timeless and filled with wisdom are the words of Archangel Adrigon, Lord of the Pleiades Star System.

Blue Dragon Journal


Archangel Adrigon: On Free-Will and Choice

Greetings, it is I, Lord Adrigon, presiding over the Pleiadian High Council and many other councils, as well. It is with great reverence and joy that we continue our discussions.

Last night, as our scribe communicated with her Sirian friend (who is also incarnated on GAIA) she realized that she has been recording our words for quite some time. We first came to her as the collective “voice” of the Pleiadian Council of Nine. And even earlier in her experience, one day out of curiosity she asked the air, knowing that someone was listening, “Who sent me here?” And promptly, she received the answer, “The Council of Nine.” She was able to accept that answer despite having no knowledge, whatsoever, of the Council before that very day. Her heart knew, even if her mind was unable to comprehend.

Since that time, our scribe has…

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