Eliza and Higher Self: On Healing Deep Trauma

In these days, the words written here still pertain as many are the light workers who struggle with self-doubt, doubled and tripled by the effects of the psyops and electronic warfare now being waged upon humanity in general but especially on prominent way showers, whistle blowers and teachers. Keep the Faith. Call on the Angels for assistance. Work together as well you can. Be kind. Speak Truth and live with Integrity. It is through Truth that you will discover and experience true unconditional Love.

Blue Dragon Journal

August Sunshine

Eliza and Higher Self: On Healing Deep Trauma

Note to Reader: It seems that I can’t write anything these days without my immediate higher self, Tazjima braiding her energies into the words. For those who are skeptics, I was one, too, many years ago. Now that I am allowing myself to open up to spirit, miracles are happening each day. Our lives are what we make of them…

What a difference does a few days make! On Wednesday, I was in the midst of wrestling with inner and outer demons, under attack from various sources and really uncomfortable.

Being a highly sensitive empath, I’ve always been one to adjust to other’s energies and to attempt to sooth the waves of discontent. No more… this here Libra isn’t going to be a door mat for other people’s inabilities to let go of deep-seated prejudices and conditioning. So, I’ve begun to place…

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4 thoughts on “Eliza and Higher Self: On Healing Deep Trauma

  1. Wow. I am really impressed by your spiritual depth and the love that flows through you. It touched me, Eliza.

  2. In addition you have given me some stuff to think about and inspiration to try to ask for help to release self-hatred and courage to face the inner darkness. I am impressed by your authenticity.

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