Note from Corey Goode 6-12-17 and article by Dr. Michael Salla (6-11-17), “Hoax Secret Space Program Investigation Exposed…”

Through Truth we come to Love. Weigh this information with your own Heart.

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Some may have an interest in reading these. I have two notes.

First of all, there is not going to be a continuous stream of articles about who did this to that, how they did that to this, and so on and so on. The two posts included here are very well written and present many data points about Corey and the situation, but this is not my arena for continual, direct involvement. I hold all participants in the Light, and whatever they each feel they need to do, is theirs.

Second, no matter what happens and who does what, I feel it is very important (for myself, at least) to refrain from the “taking of sides”, and to remain free from others’ outworkings of “stuff”. And that is what I’m doing. It is important to them, because it is theirs to deal with directly.

Highlights above, articles…

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