Nature Walks – Rainy Season


Nature Walks – Rainy Season

Florida has two seasons, dry (autumn / winter) and wet (spring / summer).  What doesn’t fall as rain, takes the form of massive humidity.  However, this late spring season is proving to be one of the wettest ones for many years.  The local ponds are full and with more rain, will be over-flowing.

I snuck out early this morning, but even at 07:30 EDT it was 81 degrees F and extremely humid.  It’s the rainy season in Florida.  Everything outside feels like a 24/7 sauna.  It takes a little getting used to the humidity.  Personally, I think I can manage dry heat better.  Still, I got on my walking shoes and headed to my favorite wetlands.


The water levels continue to climb leaving the boardwalks only a couple of feet above the marsh.  At Wakodahatchee, the baby birds are still growing up and it appears that some have departed the nest, although whether or not they flew off or were eaten by an alligator, this I don’t know.  Life happens when you’re not looking.


The flowers in the marsh continue to bloom.  Growing cycles here don’t appear to be in sync with any other part of the country.  Florida is a place all its own… strange, subtropical and filled with marshes and tropical foliage, grasslands and the unexpected.


Perhaps it was more than the humidity that was affecting me today as I was getting very dizzy… which could mean I need to ground more… or perhaps eat breakfast?  Didn’t eat before I left the house, but I often do that, saving my first meal of fruit to when I get back.


A quick survey of FaceBook let me know that other folks are also feeling the effects from this full moon in Sagittarius phase.   What the astrological meanings are… well, I don’t have a clue.  My home stars are very different and I live on a star ship, lol.  Your skies are new to me, as is most everything.  And whoa!  Did that last paragraph get your attention?

Here are some more photos from today’s excursion:








That’s it for now.  Many blessings to all, from South Florida!

Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Photos taken in Palm Beach County Wetland Preserves, Florida

8 thoughts on “Nature Walks – Rainy Season

  1. Sundeelia,

    I love you so much! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photographs, and your wonderful perspective and observations as a walk in. I respect your being here very deeply. This is a tough, harsh world in many ways, but also magnificent and breathtaking. Welcome. And please keep sharing! 💜


    • Thank you, Molly! I have observed that having a whimsical mind-set helps in getting through the more ridiculous things encountered here. And lots of patience!
      AA Metatron popped in once and looking through my sister’s eyes, surveyed the scene outside and said, “This is a beautiful planet!” Often humans just don’t appreciate what they have here on this beautiful blue-green isle of theirs! Cmdr. Sundeelia

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  3. I live on an estuary in the South Island of New Zealand. Quite a different environment than Florida – but I love to see the wildlife that crosses both these habitats, the fairy tern, cormorant and heron all visit and live with us down here in the cooler climate. No crocs though – thank goodness.

    • We have all those birds, terns at least, cormorant and a variety of herons AND alligators. You don’t want to swim in the tea-colored ponds here about, for sure. I would love to visit your beautiful island home some day.

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