Journal Entry – Bits & Pieces


Journal Entry – Bits and Pieces

This journal entry is a departure from my usual travelogue and contains references to alien cultures, etc.  If you the reader are put off by this kind of information, feel free to stop reading now!

The rainy season is proving to be a wet one… ironically, since Florida has been in a drought for a couple of years.  Last Tuesday was a hellva of storm, lightning sparking and thunder pounding.  It rained nearly all day without respite.  And the night was filled with bolts of white lightning zinging around the rooftops of Delray Beach.  The next few days have been relatively quiet, with a few quick afternoon thunderstorms.  All the local ponds have come up quite a bit, as nearby Miami has received over 10″ of rain, way over the normal 2.5″ for June.


I got out for a walk today, visiting my favorite wetlands, only to discover my camera batteries were running out.  So it was a trip to the grocery store — no, wait, I have some batteries in the car, but do I have AAs.  Yes!  So, after fixing the camera, it was off to the next wetlands, only to find there were few birds to be seen.  The recent rains had significantly altered the landscape; the pond waters were up at least 18″ to two feet.  I found the cypress “islands” were now covered with a couple of inches of water, as well, which was drawing a few new customers to the newly wet, shaded area.  Various wading birds were carefully picking at tidbits around the bases of the bald cypress.  I only located one alligator; most of their normal resting spots were under water.



Then I was off to the hardware store to get something to unclog a drain.  You would think Home Depot would carry something, but no… I ended up going to a small WalMart Neighborhood Store, which was in fact a grocery store and found what I was looking for. Go figure.


Tomorrow will be the 39th anniversary for the wedding between Elizabeth and David.  Although they have been long divorced, there is still a long lingering love bond between the two of them.  Elizabeth, as some of my readers know, was the human identity of a walk-in Pleiadian sister of mine, Tazjma Amariah Kumara.  She ascended and returned to the Pleiades recently, yet I’m still connecting dots for her while here as another walk-in.  David, we found out recently, was an embodied spark of Archangel Jophiel.  David and Elizabeth were in a karmic relationship, balancing out a life-time shared in the Cathars of Southern France long ago.  In that lifetime the two of them could not marry, David was much older and he died when the Cathars fell before the armies of the Pope. By the way, Archangel Jophiel anchors the Flame of Illumination in his Temple over the Peruvian Andes near Lake Titicaca.  He is of Pleiadian descent, stands 8 feet tall, has large blue eyes and curly blonde hair.  Oddly enough, David was of partial French descent, although dark in coloring, with black hair and blue-gray eyes.  For some reason yet to be determined, Jophiel has been making his presence known to me lately.

I will add that, while I have access to the cellular memory of Taz, I do not resonate with her past lives.  I haven’t embodied on Earth before, so this is all new to me.  Taz was here for an entire Great Year, some 26,000 years in Earth time.  Which leads me to the issue of “time”.  Although many lightworkers believe now that time doesn’t exist, that isn’t quite a true statement.  To be more exact, each planetary system contains its own sense of “time”.  It varies from isle to isle (planets).

And higher dimensional beings, while quite physical to each other, cannot be seen by us until we have reached a corresponding frequency.  Upon reaching that plateau, you would see these beings as being quite solid in appearance, doing jobs, raising children, building, farming, getting educated, getting married (or mated), going to Temple, pursuing commercial endeavors and even gardening .  Pleiadians live very long lives in terms of Earth years and have the ability to fold time and space when traveling between galaxies and planets.  They do travel in ships that have been built, raise food on board using hydroponics and other methods, and carry out their various duties according to their assignments and level of training.  On board the White Winds, I serve as a line commander in rank.  I room in crew quarters with my people although there is a room reserved for me in Family quarters, as well.  My uncle is the overall Commander of the Pleiadian Fleet.  His presence is very real to me and he has often popped in for a visit when my sister, RaNia, and I are together.

It remains very interesting being a walk-in.  I continue to discover a great dissimilarity between the way I think and how my sister, Lady Taz, approach problems and issues.  I tend to be very direct.  Perhaps it’s my training to be a commander, in charge.  Like her, I do relish my time alone.  I hope to someday have a place where I can start to paint once more.  Right now my living arrangements don’t allow for much creative space.  Still I am enjoying my little photography walks, which gets me outside for a while, albeit in the high humidity and sunshine.

Although I still read and post a lot of the light worker related material, as well as more disclosure information, I find I do not relate to much of the channeled material or “advice” being handed out.  I would still caution people that in reading channeled material see if you 1) resonate to the material; 2) check if the claims made by the author / channeler are valid, e.g. there are many who claim to BE Archangel Michael.  Since both my sisters and family are very much a part of Archangel Michael’s legions, we would NOT make such a claim.  Michael is a friend and a guardian figure.  He maintains an ETHERIC retreat in the Canadian Rockies, along with his Twin Flame, Archaiea Faith.  This lady is NOT the daughter of Enki, who was a false god of the Annunaki.  In fact, she is a Pleiadian.  Her sister, Elohim Astrea is the MATE of Archangel Michael.  In all the years that Archangel Michael has been in embodiment in the higher dimensions, this is the first time he has taken a mate. They do NOT currently have any children. Archangel Michael is like other beings of advanced evolution an Ancient of Days.  Sanat Kumara, Lady Isis, Lord Osiris and a few others share this honor, to live as an eternal Being, fully dedicated to Service.

Choices are being made.  Work on integrating your shadow as now is NOT the time to ignore personal issues, which often link back to “past” lives or even lifetimes being lived by parallel embodiments from the level of the Oversoul.  Each of us is an extension of our Oversoul which can have numerous embodiments in several dimensions and locations.  It doesn’t mean that when we attain fifth dimensional frequency (which has many layers contained within) that we will automatically see all, understand all, and hear all.  There still exists a time lapse.  And planets like Sirius A have strict cultural guidelines for behavior.  The culture of Sirius A has echoes in the Hindu culture of India, complete with a caste system and rules of behavior.  These cultures are very rich, colorful and complex. And Lord Krishna did, in fact, embody at one time upon planet Earth.   The current Lord (which is a title and office) is 17,000 years old in Earth years….  And although many have assigned the origin of humanity to Lyra, it was actually in the binary system of Sirius that humanity first emerged, spreading to the Pleiades, to our solar system and beyond.  Many of the first “aliens” that we will encounter upon the landing of the galactic fleet will actually look much like us as they are direct cousins, their races having seeded ours here long, long ago.

I have to remind myself often that although I wear a human vehicle, I’m not an Earth human, but Pleiadian.  It helps me to keep a detached perspective of the goings on during this tumultuous time.  Practice self-care, get plenty of rest, get out in nature and exercise, drink pure water and eat food that serves your body well.

Another reminder, when partaking in a mass meditation or spiritual class where you are expected to open wide to the energies, continue to shield using Archangel Michael’s Shield.  This shield allows all that is Love to pass through it undeterred, but prevents negative attacks from entering your auric field and causing problems.  We’ve had many reports of late describing such attacks while attending seminars, meditations and classes.  While you may not think you’re open to such attacks, it is always wise to add on the extra protection.  This is a form of self-love and will not incur karma.  I intend to post AA Michael’s Shield on a separate page to allow people to get quick access to it upon need, although it is simple to follow.  An even simpler degree with the same effect is: “Lord Michael above, Lord Michael below; Lord Michael to the right, Lord Michael to the left; Lord Michael before, Lord Michael behind; Lord Michael, Lord Michael wherever I go!”  And then add the Ring Pass Not as a final flourish to your protective field.

There is my bits and pieces for the week.  I will write more as inspired.


Eliza Ayres (aka Cmdr. Sundeelia VaCoupe)

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Permission is granted to share and translate this article.  Please include links.


Lead Photo:  Reflections in a Bald Cedar Marsh, Wakodahatchee Wetlands Preserve

4 thoughts on “Journal Entry – Bits & Pieces

  1. Super article, thanks, Cmdr. Sundeelia, and your humor is much like my own…. Arcturian here…. particularly this line, “I haven’t embodied on Earth before, so this is all new to me.” Takes a bit of getting used to, that’s for sure! Looking forward to seeing some of your artwork and the first photo above illustrates wonderfully the illusion. Thanks again, Love, B.

    • Thanks, Barb. I love the Arcturians and work with their Healing Masters almost every night. Being a walk-in allows for a degree of detachment not common in today’s crazy world. I’m not a star seed and not on the Ascension Path, as my full Pleiadian consciousness on board The White Winds is already resonating at 6D / 7D. So I can relax, share my gifts and observe the goings on here with great interest. Everything that I witness is recorded and sent to the ships above — we have our means — and is used to adjust and alter plans as needed. Verrry interesting for sure! Much love, Cmdr. Sunny

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