Nature Walks – Wellington, FL


Nature Walks – Wellington Environmental Preserve, Florida

For one who prefers not deal with tons of traffic, sometimes a little outing takes a bit of planning.  With the Memorial Day Weekend coming up, I deduced that driving to Wellington to find a couple more parks would be perfect.  I was right.  The morning dawned heavy and humid, the air thick with so much moisture that I had to use the window wipers on the Kia until the vehicle dried out a bit.  Even as I pulled up at the Wellington Environmental Preserve, there were still soft, low-lying clouds blocking the sun, but not the humidity.  Stepping out into the parking lot felt like I was entering an open-air sauna.  Yet step I did and entered on foot the relatively “new” Environmental Preserve.


On the Wellington Village website you’ll find a description of this preserve:

In order to accomplish this, seven storm water Pump Stations were built or renovated along with the widening of nearby canals. Approximately one inch of rainwater from Basin B was also re-routed to reach Section 24. It is then naturally cleansed as it flows through over two miles of combined wetland/marsh area, littoral shelves and deep water sediment traps.

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