Nature Walks – For the Birds


Nature Walks – For the Birds

Rising before dawn this morning I made my way out of the house and into the morning commute traffic to visit a nearby favorite place for photography, Wakodathatchee Wetlands.  Arriving at 07:30, I got there before the morning rush, although it appears things have mellowed out with the departure of seasonal guests.


What first greets you as you start along the boardwalk is the smell and then the noise.  The smell is guano, bird doo, and it is all over the rookeries which are right next to the boardwalk.  And the noise… anyone with boisterous teenagers will understand… as the babies compete for food.  Most of the birds raising young are the Wood Storks, once fairly rare in Florida but certainly thriving here in Wakodahatchee.


There are plenty of other birds and creatures present as well, including herons, Anhingas, black birds, Grackles alligators, and turtles.  It is fun to observe the growth of the various young birds.  And I’m even recognizing some of the walkers as regulars.


Next, I was off to nearby Green Cay Wetlands for more creatures.  This is a larger area with 1.5 miles of broadwalk, plus a nice Nature Center.  There aren’t as many nesting birds present… or at least the squawking Wood Storks!


This gator was slowly walking along the muddy bottom of the marsh under the boardwalk as I watched…


Baby gator…


Turtle in the weeds…


Grooming Anhinga, a swimming fishing bird.

Since thunderstorms were predicted, the temperature was already hot and humid even in the morning.  Still, I was able to get in a little walking and a lot of photography.  Hope you’ve enjoyed this creature feature.

Blessings to all,

Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Photo Credits:  All taken on Nikon Coolpix, Palm Beach County, Florida

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