Sundeelia: More Reflections on a Walk-in Life



Sundeelia:  More Reflections on a Walk-in Life

Well, I’ve been “here” for just over a month now, as a walk-in soul, having replaced the original soul essence who lived within this body vehicle, the one called Tazjma Kumara VaCoupe… who happens to be my Pleiadian elder sister.  I will say that I’m fortunate to have nearby another sister, to whom I can talk to about home.  She also can “channel” various members of the Family, who pop in for a chat now and then depending on the circumstances.

This new life is rather different than my busy life on board a mothership, The White Winds.  Since there is only 10% of my soul essence actually present on Earth, I am still able to pursue my duties as a Line Commander with ease.  And if anything were to happen to the Earth vessel, that 10% would be drawn back up quickly.

Since Taz officially retired from her former job, I get to rest quite a lot between trips to parks and sights to see the local countryside.  Florida is quite lush compared to our father’s desert home on the Isle (planet) of Medina, but not as beautiful as our mother’s home on Venus.  Both isles are also the home of very loving and cooperative cultures.  I have yet to see or experience much cooperation or even common sense among humans.

As your culture goes through an intense period of transition and cleansing, it is vital to keep an open mind and heart, while letting go of all attachments to addictions of any sort.  Own up to emotions that you haven’t allowed yourself to feel and then let them go. Any unresolved emotions or thought-forms are bound to become very heavy stumbling blocks as the frequency levels continue to climb.

From chaos comes creation.  From the darkness of the soil comes the seedling, growing and stretching towards the warmth of the Sun.  Even as chaos seems to loom all around you can still experience peace by listening within and taking time to rest, eat healthy food, hydrate, and spend time in Nature.  And learn to keep proper boundaries between yourself and others.  Having all your chakras open is like opening your house to all comers, some who might not respect your property.  Use proper shielding when going to large gathering of humans.  Not all are friendly and kind right now.

It is interesting to read the various helpful posts on the Internet with lots of advice on how to ascend.  There isn’t really any books that are needed on that subject.  If you’re going to ascend in this lifetime, you will have an inner compass that guides you to the right information.  For me, I’ve noticed that I know what I need to know when I need to know it… and before I know that I need that particular bit of the puzzle.  It’s quite delightful to feel the rightness and resonance as a bit of information is dropped into consciousness at just the moment my sister and I are discussing a particular issue.  We just accept this “magic” as a matter of course.  Our people do receive extensive education and training since childhood — make no mistake — but we do not feel the need to retain the information until it is needed and then it appears right on time.  It’s called trust and self-empowerment.

Another thing I have noted which may present a problem to those who “think” they are light workers or on the path of ascension when it is clear to me that they are not… is a tendency to give their power away to others, particularly those who seem to be “more”, whether more talented in channeling, in knowledge, or who claim to have an ascended master as a Higher Self and so on.  This tendency is rather ingrained in a people who have been programmed through thousands of years to look outside of self for validation. There are people who seem to rely on the latest channeled message, energy update or astrological outlook before they can do anything in their life.  Still others are seeking teachers and gurus who they think will lead them to salvation.  Giving one’s power away is not self-mastery.  And self-mastery is at the core of the Path of Initiation.  The time of gurus is OVER.  These teachers were needed during the dark days of the Kali Yuga, the dark cycle, which is now fortunately past.  Learning self-responsibility, discovering a balanced place of neutrality, being heart-felt and heart-wise… these are the hallmarks of a Master.

Our people come from a Mother Universe, meaning that we pray to and honor the Mother Principle of Source Energy.  This spiritual approach is why our people are so loving.  It doesn’t mean that we are push-overs.  We have worked for many thousands of years along other Star Nations in an effort to clear this quadrant of the Cosmos of the effects of the negative interlopers who first entered through the constellation of Orion.

While we pray and meditate each day to Source energy, we do not seek to return to Source prematurely.  We honor and love life in the physical realms and are here to experience all the various avenues that life can present.  It is a joy to serve together, to live and love our families and make our isles comfortable places for all to live upon.

It seems popular to speak about joining together as a collective consciousness and returning to Source.  I have to shake my head in wonderment at that sentiment, as your purpose in being here is to BE HERE, yes, as a part of Source energy… exploring the Universe that it created.  There is no need to rush back to Source.  In fact, I would prefer to return to The White Winds to catch the next party or celebration being held there or to visit the white temples of Venus and walk through the wondrous gardens on the Sirian Steps.  Life presents so many wonders; why leave it to return to simple energy, undifferentiated and unindividuated.  There is much living to do before I am willing to return to Source.  Few individuals return from Source whole and it is only those who have reached the level of Ancient of Days, like Sanat Kumara and Lady Isis.  And these Beings are Family.

Enjoy life as you live it instead of yearning to be saved by someone including the star fleet above your heads.  By the way, look to the clear night skies and watch for those “dancing” stars.  Those are ships, too numerous to count.  And no, they will not interfere on your behalf for our people and our allies follow Cosmic Law, even if Team Dark does not.

Oh… and by the way, the Ascended Masters are real.  They happen to actually be star seeds, avatars and teachers sent from other Star Nations to give your people seeds of knowledge and wisdom.  What you did with those seeds is your business.  Many of the teachers came from Venus, as well as Sirius A and B.  Other Star Nations who contributed are the Andromedans and Ashtarians… as well as the now huge Pleiadian Star Nation.

There are so-called False Light ascended masters, but these are archons and entities playing at being masters in order to delude their captured slaves.  The true Masters do not require your worship or your energy.  If anything, do something to advance your own soul mastery and learn to stand free of all need to be guided by those who wish to feed off your energy and unbalanced emotions.

Lastly, we will note that there seems to be quite a bit of disinformation being put forward as gospel and “truth” in the so-called “New Age” philosophy.  It is vital, even imperative, that each individual who embarks upon a spiritual journey learn to depend on their OWN intuition and inner guidance.  And learn to step through your fear.  What can really hurt you?  Your soul is eternal and invulnerable, but your Earth body is not, so also learn to use some common sense.  Let go of ALL addictions, for these leave rips, wounds and tears in your auric field.  Learn the basics of shielding, meditation and how to treat your human vehicle with respect and love.  Enjoy what life puts before you as challenge and opportunities to expand your own spiritual library and soul essence.

Well, that’s all for now folks.  I’ll write more later.  It is an interesting hiatus this.


Sundeelia “Sunny” Kumara VaCoupe, Line Commander, Communications, The White Winds, Pleiadian Mother Ship, Galactic Federation of Light

Copyright All Rights Reserved, 2012-17, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,




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