VIDEO: Special Message from Archangel Michael ~ The Great Unmasking of False & True Lightworkers

Oye… have been having run-ins with a few false lightworkers of late. Very educational. Be in Service to Others, be humble, with integrity and filled with wonder… It doesn’t pay to gather followers and pretend you’re something that you’re not. Cosmic Law has a way of catching you up in you are false and no one is immune.


Video by Family of Light

By Archangel Michael

Greetings Dear Ones, I AM here to provide information on the status of the lightworkers and assist the collective consciousness. There has been much being brought up into the forefront within each of your lives and on collective level. We have mentioned before, all that doesn’t resonate with your soul is being revealed, as opportunities for transformation and growth. Many have grown stronger from these experiences. We wish to share the changes from this growth and transformation, as many are feeling the difference. A great change within… This journey is about the inner healing, which in turns affect the collective. Let us delve deeper into these changes, and how it affect the lightworker community, both in service to Love and those not in service. As always, awareness transforms into consciousness.

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Child Like Essence & Unity Consciousness

The lightworkers embracing these…

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