Restoring Divine Order ~ Feeling The Harmonious Aspects of Restoration ~ May 16, 2017


By Ruby Claire, MA, 05/16/2017

2017: Restoring Divine Order

Whether you are a believer in God, a believer in science, a naturalist, or an agnostic…one thing many of us will be feeling this year is divine order, and how we are all connected to it inside ourselves, in relationship with each other, and in relationship with the outer world. Divine order is the universe’s natural system of checks and balances to keep the grand web of life in harmony. We are innately in relationship with this grand web of life, and the universal laws that govern it. We can see universal laws at play in apparent ways when we watch patterns and cycles in nature.

Man-made laws are the laws that humans govern. The greatest leaders tap into universal laws to inform human laws.

What happens when universal laws are ignored over and over again to push the ego’s agenda?…

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