Journal Entry 05.17.2017 – Okeeheelee Park



Journal Entry 05.17.2017 – Okeeheelee County Park, Palm Beach, Florida

Another week, another adventure.  The day started out with my intention of finding the Wellington Environmental Center, but I got put off by a dusty dirt road with huge dump trucks roaring down it towards me.  The Center is located on the western edge of Wellington and on the verge of “civilization”, at least what passes for it in South Florida.  I usually have an alternative in mind before setting out, so I ended up at Okeeheelee County Park, off of Forest Hill Blvd. in Palm Beach, Florida.


This park is divided into south and northern units, divided in half by Forest Hill, a super busy right-away that takes carries vehicles east and west between Wellington and Palm Beach, etc.  Once you know the main streets in this area, it is fairly easy to get around, but the traffic is sometimes extremely thick.  This is me talking after having lived in a rather quiet town in Southeast Washington State, where twenty cars together constituted a traffic jam.  Palm Beach County is heavily populated even sans its temporary snow bird population who have mostly departed the area now as “season” has ended.


The southern half of the park is a bit rough around the edges in places.  There is a huge equestrian center on the western portion, plus horse trails galore.  Newer hiking and biking trails are also being constructed, along with periodic benches for sitting and admiring the developing view.  From my brief exposure to this place, it looks like a huge project is underway.  Lakes have been dredged and wetlands planted to encourage wild flora and fauna.  I noted several plant species that I grew familiar with further north in Palm Coast / Flagler County present in this new park, including Beauty Bush, Red Bay, Slash Pine and others.  There were plenty of Northern Mockingbirds present, all singing their melodies, as well as Grackles and Red-winged Blackbirds.  I only noted a few of the larger wading birds, a couple of Egrets and one Great Blue Heron, and one lone Anhinga, a swimming fisher bird.  One of the park personnel said he spotted a Bald Eagle, but I didn’t see or hear it.


Next visit to this particular park, I plan to visit the more “civilized” portion of the park, on the northern side of Forest Hill.  There are fishing and swimming opportunities, playgrounds, paved paths, exercise stations and plenty of biking trails.



On Tuesday, I visited Green Cay Wetlands and managed to see some birds and two alligators.  I didn’t get a good shot of the largest alligator, but watched along side a large group of elementary school children as a big turtle seemed destined to become lunch for the gator.  At the last minute, the turtle finally detected the presence of the huge sleeping beast, turned around and submerged safely under the duckweed covered waters.  Such drama!  The kids were delighted that the turtle had escaped and so was I.  Another highlight of this little outing was spotting two perched Roseate Spoonbills, a relatively rare bird indeed.  They are related to the Ibis family who are far more common in Florida.

DSCN3005 (2)


This last bird is the Tri-colored Heron, a little smaller with white belly and neck.  The bird in the opening photo is a Green Heron, which has a short tail and aggravated intense look.

Perhaps due to the large bird population present in some of the areas where I walk, I seem to be becoming a “birder”.  I won’t ever be quite as competitive as some birders can get or as patient to stand, listen and watch for long periods of time in order to identify the creatures.  I simply enjoy being out, exploring and learning about the natural environment.  Except for a few park employees, I was alone on my hike in Okeeheelee. The more popular Green Cay always has numerous walkers, strollers, photographers and just plain tourists, plus the odd school group.  It’s nice to have some variety available even in this populated area.


Reporting from South Florida, I’ll check in next time I have something interesting to post.


Eliza Ayres

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Photo Credits:  All taken in Palm Beach County, Florida



Energy Report Update by Tiffany Stiles

Actually there have been a few bumps in the proverbial road as a few former friends and lightworkers have been overcome by negative energies and side-tracked from their ascension, much like a booster rocker falling aside on ignition. Still, we need to focus on our journey and keep going higher, doing our work for clearing the planet.

The Mystical Lotus ~ Tiffany Stiles

band-of-light-body-ascension-retreat-cahuita-71150 Image Credit: Google

Dear Beautiful Souls!

We are currently emerged and being bathed in the high vibrational frequency of gamma ray downloads and upgrades. The energy of light quotient entering the body now is off the charts!

FB_IMG_1494893466508 Image Credit: Google

You may have felt the energy come in last night on full throttle! This begin the firing up of neurons and electrons in the body as DNA recalibrates for MORE to bring one into their crystalline light body and Christed Self. A sudden hot flash, the whole body heating up and sweating is an indication you felt this, if you’re not prone to consistent hot flashes due to hormonal fluctuations. Accompanying this was a mega burst of energy! I was wide awake until 3:30am, I got up at 6:45am and I don’t even feel one bit tired. I’m amped up! This is such highly, positive energy flow, it is FEEL…

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Revealers Dialogue | 04.23.2017 | BUCEGI MOUNTAINS ESOTERIC SECRETS with Aug Tellez and Felicia Noel

Prepare to be blown away…

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

BUCEGI MOUNTAINS ESOTERIC SECRETS: Living Holographic Library, Original DNA Record, Human Bloodline- Living Manifesting Technology, Actual Power of Source Creator in Human Form vs Projected Power of Illusion, self-awareness, Free Will, Soul Expression as Universal Design, Living Grid.

“New Grid”, which is actually not a kind of grid but a centralized core of creation that emanates from every individual rather than an overlay that is placed over everyone.This is the concept of the “New Cosmos”, the “New Galactic Position” of Earth, and the new timelines and access to different memories and experiences.

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MORAG: “Mayan Prophesy 24.05.17”

Dreaming With Dolphins

Mayan Prophecy 2017.jpg

The Age of Aquarius, of Awakening, the Return of the Divine Feminine, the apocalypse, all have been predicted on planet earth for many eons. That time is now. Planet earth circa 2017 is transitioning, it is experiencing all of the above.

Ancient wisdom, teachings of Da Vinci, Einstein and Tesla (among others) and modern technology should have prepared us for the quantum spiritual evolution of humanity and Gaia. Liberation, awakening, enlightenment has been suppressed by the elite. As a global population we are largely ignorant of the process we are all embedded in.

Ancient cultures like the Mayans link our past with our future. Celestial knowledge equipped them with the tools for dowsing Gaia’s future. Whilst 12.21.12 was the big date MSM pounced on to try and own, subvert and control. The date itself is largely meaningless in the Mayan calender. The Mayans believed 2011/12 were the trigger years, the…

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VIDEO: Special Message from Archangel Michael ~ The Great Unmasking of False & True Lightworkers

Oye… have been having run-ins with a few false lightworkers of late. Very educational. Be in Service to Others, be humble, with integrity and filled with wonder… It doesn’t pay to gather followers and pretend you’re something that you’re not. Cosmic Law has a way of catching you up in you are false and no one is immune.


Video by Family of Light

By Archangel Michael

Greetings Dear Ones, I AM here to provide information on the status of the lightworkers and assist the collective consciousness. There has been much being brought up into the forefront within each of your lives and on collective level. We have mentioned before, all that doesn’t resonate with your soul is being revealed, as opportunities for transformation and growth. Many have grown stronger from these experiences. We wish to share the changes from this growth and transformation, as many are feeling the difference. A great change within… This journey is about the inner healing, which in turns affect the collective. Let us delve deeper into these changes, and how it affect the lightworker community, both in service to Love and those not in service. As always, awareness transforms into consciousness.

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Child Like Essence & Unity Consciousness

The lightworkers embracing these…

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Restoring Divine Order ~ Feeling The Harmonious Aspects of Restoration ~ May 16, 2017


By Ruby Claire, MA, 05/16/2017

2017: Restoring Divine Order

Whether you are a believer in God, a believer in science, a naturalist, or an agnostic…one thing many of us will be feeling this year is divine order, and how we are all connected to it inside ourselves, in relationship with each other, and in relationship with the outer world. Divine order is the universe’s natural system of checks and balances to keep the grand web of life in harmony. We are innately in relationship with this grand web of life, and the universal laws that govern it. We can see universal laws at play in apparent ways when we watch patterns and cycles in nature.

Man-made laws are the laws that humans govern. The greatest leaders tap into universal laws to inform human laws.

What happens when universal laws are ignored over and over again to push the ego’s agenda?…

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Energy Update ~ The New Frequency Jump Explained ~ May 16, 2017

“The Heart needs to be cleared of all blockages to accept the new frequencies. We can not live in the past, we can not harbor resentment, jealousy, ego issues or pain from our past. All of these issues need to be healed and forgiven to be able to merge with the higher dimensions of love and light.”


By Diane Canfield, 05/16/2017

Beloved Light Tribe,

If you remember my last posts where I announced the frequency jump of April 26th you will know from these last 2 weeks things are not as they were before. Yes! We jumped a level up in frequency during this time. You can read my prior posts on my blog on my website explaining what led up to this tremendous dimensional jump.

The last 2 weeks have been an indication we are in line with the frequency acceleration. More dark energy is being burned off all around us as we traverse this new realm. More people are acting strange with some having robotic patterns they can not align with the current shift.

I started running into this pattern a few years back but now it has accelerated for us that are of a higher frequency and are able to anchor this vibration in…

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