Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Shared 44,053 Democrat Emails With WikiLeaks

Does anyone expect MSM to actually print Truth? Here’s yet another mystery you can plant at the feet of the Clinton’s and their DNC cronies.

Deus Nexus

Source:Zero Hedge

For the past several months, Democrats have based their “Resist 45” movement on unsubstantiated assertions that the Trump campaign coordinated with Russian intelligence officials to undermine the 2016 Presidential Election thereby ‘stealing’ the White House from Hillary Clinton.  Day after day we’ve all suffered through one anonymously sourced, “shock” story after another from the New York Times and/or The Washington Post with new allegations of the ‘wrongdoing’.

But, new evidence surfacing in the Seth Rich murder investigation may just quash the “Russian hacking” conspiracy theory.  According to a new report from Fox News, it was former DNC staffer Seth Rich who supplied 44,000 DNC emails to WikiLeaks and not some random Russian cyber terrorist, as we’ve all been led to believe.

According to Fox News, though admittedly via yet another anonymous FBI source, Rich made contact with WikiLeaks through Gavin MacFadyen, an American investigative reporter and…

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Exploring Men’s Inner Protector

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

98There is a lot of beautiful writing happening around the feminine protector among women.  A sometimes fierce energy that has found its duty in protecting the supple beauty and divine creative power of the inner feminine.  It has arisen out of the need to keep this jewel safe in the invulnerable and aggressive world of the unhealed masculine energy that the feminine has found itself residing in.  But this was until such time when it was no longer needed and the more authentic and powerful BEing could emerge from its sheltered perch to relieve this sentry from his post and become more of an advisor and loyal inner guide, as well as a mate template.  

This picture feels so alive and clear to me.  But what of our male protection?  What has kept us in the more invulnerable state of truly letting our hearts be felt and expressed in…

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Triangle UFO Patent Is Now In The Public Domain

A friend of mine described a sighting of one of these craft in the mountains outside of Atlanta, where it is rumored, there are some Deep Underground Military Bases (D.U.M.B.). They’re real and made in the USA.

Deus Nexus


Source:CNN iReport | by deejayiwan  |  September 4, 2010

The TR-3B is Code named Astra. The tactical reconnaissance TR-3B first operational flight was in the early 90s. The triangular shaped nuclear powered aerospace platform was developed under the Top Secret, Aurora Program with SDI and black budget monies. At least 3 of the billion dollar plus TR-3Bs were flying by 1994. The Aurora is the most classified aerospace development program in existence. The TR-3B is the most exotic vehicle created by the Aurora Program. It is funded and operationally tasked by the National Reconnaissance Office, the NSA, and the CIA. The TR-3B flying triangle is not fiction and was built with technology available in the mid 80s. Not every UFO spotted is one of theirs.

The TR-3B vehicles outer coating is reactive to electrical Radar stimulation and can change reflectiveness…

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David Wilcock & Corey Goode 2017 – Endgame – The Antarctic “Atlantis” ET Ruins Cabal Rescue Plan


Eliza: While I don’t agree that Antarctica is the location of Atlantis, this information is vital, especially given the Cabal attacks directed to and other alternative information sites.  The Cabal is on the verge of global defeat.  It is time to fight for full disclosure of our history and how the human population has been manipulated for thousands of years, the existence of “aliens” present on Earth and on other planets in this Solar System and so much more.  Listen with interest…

Tap Into Loving Wisdom: Simple 5-Step Method for Receiving Guidance from Your Heart

Heart wisdom…

Openhearted Rebel

By Tanaaz, Forever Conscious, Thanks to Conscious Life News

There are so many guiding forces in this life that are helping us along the way. These guiding forces include Divine beings, the Universe, your intuition, your heart and your mind.

Your heart is an intelligent, guiding force that is linked to both your soul and your intuition. Often we relate our heart to our emotions, but our heart is far more powerful than this.

Emotions can sometimes be misleading. Our emotions can be triggered by our mind, our thoughts and how we choose perceive things. This can color the emotions that we feel and cause emotions to cloud our judgement.

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Energy Update ~ Physical Integration: The New Paradigms of Energetic Reality ~ May 15, 2017


Strong words of wisdom from a grounded, awakened woman.


By Jona Bryndis

As pointed out since the beginning of the year PHYSICAL INTEGRATION is and will continue to be the main theme for this year. In two-three week cycles we will be hit with physical issues, no matter whether we understand the connection with our surrounding energies or not. Those of us familiar with the occurrence of this energetic sensitivity or empathetic way of seeing world are no exception! The only difference in our perception of what is going on ‘out there’ is that we are slightly better able to contextualize politics, environmental, emotional, energetic and physical phenomena – that is if we have chosen to CONSCIOUSLY USE and TRAIN OUR ENERGETIC SENSITIVITY.

You don’t need angel-spirit guides, gurus, presidents or astrologers to tell you how you feel – retrogrades, fighting dark forces, galactic mentors – those may be helping for some time or at a certain stage of…

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Energy Update ~ Chaos Spiral Reaches Peak Momentum! ~ May 15, 2017


By Meg Benedicte, 05/15/2017

What a crazy week it has been! The Scorpio Full Moon did not disappoint…tossing up a cornucopia of conflict, accusations and political infighting. Those still caught up in the 3D polarization matrix will find the increasing Solar Light very uncomfortable. For what worked in the past, no longer has traction. Authoritarian Aggression is an operating system on its last legs. Keep an eye on the upcoming Great American Eclipse arriving on August 21st – it will rock the very core of corrupt establishment.

For many years I’ve been witnessing the destructive reptilian/draconian regime dominate the human race in servitude. This is unraveling as the alien overlords and minions are being escorted off the planet. As this layer of interference dissolves, the final reckoning addresses the archon controllers still active on Planet Earth.

We are seeing desperate attempts by the remaining archons to instigate more war…

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Energy Report Update by Tiffany Stiles

The Mystical Lotus ~ Tiffany Stiles


Over the next three days (5/15- 5/18) we will experience high gamma rays coming in. These oscillate​ all within, and turn one’s thinking around, inside out and upside down to gain higher perspectives through the higher self.

Understand that through these high vibrational frequencies change occurs; emotionally, physically, spiritually, through DNA rewiring and connections. You can expect things in your life to “change” through this energy signature. Residential moves, relationships, your job and career may take a different form and shape in your coming days. Be open to the new as gamma rays oscillate in and through they allow you, and assist you in releasing density, a feeling of lack will change to a feeling of abundance as the connection​s keep taking place for you. The dots will begin connecting.

During this time downloads and upgrades happen rapidly. Through meditation you gain great insights and may experience downloaded information and…

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