The Flow to Higher Self

Found this blog today. Interesting article! Thanks!

Enigmatic Healing Blog

Ancient Hawaiian culture revolved around and understood life through their deep relationship to nature and all that is around them, seen and unseen. They understood their inner relationship within their own incarnated being.

Ho’omana (to make “Mana”, or life force energy) teaches about our “Three Selves”, the Higher Self (Higher Power, Divinity), Middle Self (consciousness, mind, active presence), and the Lower Self (instinctual, subconscious, unconscious, inner child) that functions within our body.


Our Higher Self tends to be illustrated above our head a foot or more, for it is a part of our divine individuality that resides mostly outside of our body with a portion that is fluid down through our head and chest area.

(Your Higher Self is not another personality, or angel, as this image suggests; it is all you. You are Higher Self. It is not another human form above you, but more of a big energy…

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