Feeling What Is Real On Mother’s Day

My Earth mother has been gone now for 17 years so Mother’s Day doesn’t have quite the same impact for me. However, it is a day where we can focus on connecting with the nurturing feminine energies within. I like to connect to Nature on this and any day to feel at peace and in a state of Oneness and awe with the beauty and life that surrounds here on this planet, even now.

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Jelelle Awen


Mother’s day….this one can be sticky, as relationships with mothers are. Sticky as in connecting into a sense of duty and obligation, a 3D conditioning picture that activates the 3D self inside you to ‘show up for mom’, often at the expense of what you authentically want. And even if you want to celebrate your birth mother today, the questions you could ask are, “What is my emotional truth about my relationship with my mother?” “What do I (and parts of me) really FEEL about being with her?” “Is it a part of me which is ‘doing’ the role of son or daughter?” “Does my spirituality and my truths about reality get put aside when I spend time with my mom and how does this make me feel?”

Even if you consciously feel that your relationship with your mother is a good and healthy one, I offer…

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