Exopermaculture – Alt-Epistemology 101: Various recent “takes” on reality, including the verb “trigger” and the broohaha over Corey Goode


Here’s one “take.” I’m personally triggered by the word “trigger” In fact, the way mostly young narcissists have turned this noun into a verb makes me want to throw up. Yep, my ultimate shit detector, aka “discernment” technique, is rooted in my belly. Melissa Dykes investigates this phenomenon, and its suspicious history in the context of hypnosis, MK…

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Expanding Beyond the Ceiling You’ve Known — SoulFullHeart Life


by Kalayna Colibri Along this path of healing, we start realizing that there is something higher than the ceiling we’ve been used to… the feeling of who we are, the stories we’ve been, this starts to fade ever so slightly while we wait for more to come in and shake out the old, once rigid approaches […]

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How Authentic Forgiveness Can Change The Impact Of Cause And Effect In Life

The Violet Flame brings forgiveness, transformation, transmutation and compassion. Utilizing it daily can transform your life experience. In Joy!

New Beginnings Guatemala

 by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
I somehow feel like collectively we are all together huffing and puffing thru one big intensive wave of awakening energy after the other, since the very beginning of this year full of power for new creations and new beginnings. Last month Virgo Full Moon has brought up the chance for many people, to confront themselves with their anger issues and to understand the difference between a healthy expression of anger and a destructive one.
When we are brave enough to confront ourselves with the rather uncomfortable feelings like anger, frustration, irritation, or victim-hood ideas – than they can guide us to higher actions which are more authentic to our truth. Every single time we climb another level of consciousness, we are invited to look back thru our past and forgive ourselves as well as others, what ever was out of sync with the…

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