Lady Hope via Sundeelia: Releasing Ancient Wounds


Lady Hope:  Releasing Ancient Wounds

via Sundeelia

Namaste, we bow to the Divinity that is within all of you and that exists within all Life.

We come this day to reiterate some old teachings that we see many of our initiates willfully ignoring due to their identification with the desires of their human ego.

As has been noted in the past, humans are curiously resistant to change.  However, the current period of transition with the steadily increasing frequency levels is forcing change, whether within the individual or without, through life circumstances.

There are many individuals who regard themselves as being awake and “lighted”.  That may be so, but it these individuals who can also fall under the spell of the “power of the dark side” due to unresolved egoic issues such as fear, pride, a sense of entitlement or superiority, lingering anger or grief.

If you have experienced memories or flashbacks of “past” lives, we congratulate you. Realize that, with the knowledge of said lifetimes also comes the responsibility of clearing the energies of that lifetime, most especially those relating to traumatic events, such as the loss of a loved one or a traumatic death.  Deep grief at the loss of a loved one can lead to resentment and anger, which if unresolved and cleared, will follow one’s life experiences like an ever spiraling thread through one lifetime after another.  What you may be dealing with today can actually have its root core in a lifetime some 2,000 years, even 26,000 years ago (or more).

Trauma is trauma.  There are various degrees of trauma and each type affects the health of the auric field and the four lower bodies that create the physical vehicle.  The scars and ancient wounds are carried onto future lifetimes until that individual reaches the consciousness level wherein they can successfully clear these misaligned energies.

Many individuals, even within the so-called “New Age” community expect change to either be, 1) painless; 2) done for them or 3) instantaneous.  There doesn’t seem to be any awareness or understanding that true Ascension, that is the Path of Initiation, involves attention, intention, diligence and persistence.  And yet, with all of the present and unparalleled dispensations that have been given by Heaven, the process of Ascension is by far easier than it was during the depths of the passing Kali Yuga.  During the dark cycle, it took initiates lifetimes to prepare for each step of initiation and facing tests that if failed often involved the loss of one’s vehicle.

Dispensations have been granted to enable many more individuals to succeed with ascension, yet we are still seeing a resistance to put in the work… work that we might add which is really just paying attention to one’s energy and what you are feeling and putting out.

Each individual has a god-given right to be free and sovereign.  To truly be free, is to free yourself from ALL belief systems to which you have been subjected simply by living on planet Earth.  This includes all religious, scientific and social mores that you have been conditioned to accept as reality.

We hereby inform you that NOTHING you have ever been taught or accepted as being real, is real.  You live on a planet of lies where EVERYTHING is upside down and backwards… by design to cut you off from your innate ability to connect to Source energy.

Even those who we know that contain within a spark of an Ascended Master or Angelic being are not protected from the conditioning that takes place due to being physically present in the low vibratory frequencies of the third dimension.  You need to consciously break free from the conditioning, which means leaving behind your old life and sometimes friends and family.  You cannot move into the new and still cling to the past, hoping that you don’t have to let go of those things or people whom you cherish.  Yeshua warned about putting new wine into dirty old bottles.  Your “new” energies need a thoroughly cleansed vehicle… a process that is on-going as long as you remain in physical form.

Layers that require cleansing will come up, perhaps loosened by the intense energies of an astrological event or the onslaught of CMEs from the Sun or perhaps gamma rays from the Great Central Sun.  Whatever the cause, by monitoring your response to the energies, your conversations with those you meet, and your reactions to obstacles that present themselves, you have the opportunity to utilize the cleansing rays of the Violet Flame to easily release the debris that wishes to leave.  If you stuff down your feelings and resist the urge to release, the emotions and thought-forms sink back into the subconscious, later to manifest in a different manner, perhaps through an accident, mishap, misunderstanding or even disease process.

We place no judgment upon those who are dealing with such things in their life.  However, those who are aware and awake do have the extra responsibility that goes along with the concept of SELF-mastery to do something about clearing their auric fields and keeping their “house” clean.

If you feel overwhelmed by the energies and life circumstances, simply call upon a Presence that you feel comfortable with, whether it be Yeshua, Lord Krishna, Buddha or Source for assistance.  And then listen to what comes.  Learn to listen and feel the guidance that comes from within through your own body vehicle.  The inner “voice” is silent.  Learn to trust your intuition… how you “feel” about anything or anyone.  Trust those feelings.  This is not something that has been taught to you through your many human institutions, but learning to trust your inner feelings and intuition can save your life and keep you on the Path.

On this planet, you have free will.  With free will comes responsibility.  You have the choice to ignore anything that we present in these messages and we will honor that choice.  We love you unconditionally and do not make judgments.  If you do go into resistance and do not ask for assistance, we must step back and wait.  We follow Universal Law which requires that we do not interfere with an individual’s chosen experiences.  We watch.  We wait.  And we respond, instantly, when the Call is made.

For the use of the Violet Flame, we recommend that you call upon Archangel Zadkiel, Saint Germain or Quan Yin.  The Violet Flame is a transmuting, transformative ray, which dissolves and reconfigures misaligned energies bringing them back into balance, hence dissolving negative karma for the individual.  It is also the ray of Compassion.  Learn to extend your own sense of compassion towards those who are in the midst of struggle.  You can place the Violet Flame to dissolve emotional hooks that you feel exist between yourself and another individual.  You will recognize the existence of these “hooks” if you react at all to whatever someone says or does.  It is YOUR responsibility to dissolve the hooks by using the Violet Flame.  It matters not whether the other person does anything.  You will recognize that you have been cut free, by your own efforts in utilizing the Violet Flame, when you do not have a reaction towards another person… any person or circumstance.

Self-mastery or ascension means to rise up in vibration, to rise up above the judgments of this world.  It does not mean that you have free rein to violate the free will of others.  Instead, you learn to allow others their experiences and do not judge where they are in their evolutionary path.

We are all aspects of Source energy, individualized and potentially self-aware.  Increase that ability to “tune-in” to your own Higher aspects by clearing your four lower bodies of all remaining miasmic energies stemming from past trauma, whether within this lifetime or long ago in linear Earth time.  Until you become “clear” enough, you will potentially experience interference with guidance, so do the work and reap the rewards.

We send you our blessings and encouragement. The dawn swiftly approaches when the descent of the Cosmic Christ energy will be complete.  Be prepared for the Lord’s coming.


I AM Lady Hope, Archeia of the Fourth Ray of Ascension, Purity and Resurrection, Twin Flame to Archangel Gabriel.

Channeled by:  Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe (aka Eliza Ayres)

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Permission is given to translate this message into other languages.  Permission is NOT granted to make videos or recordings of this message.  Please retain the link to when posting.

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