Found: Dragon and Griffin Megaliths Dating Back 12,000 Years to End of Ice Age, or Earlier

Ancient previously unknown artifacts…

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The megaliths at Mokhnatya mountain was discovered in 2013 but are only now disclosed.

Found: Dragon and Griffin Megaliths Dating Back 12,000 Years to End of Ice Age, or Earlier

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By The Siberian Times reporter

Unknown ancient people left the newly discovered fantastical creatures hewn of granite in Altai Mountains. This dragon drawn on a rock weighing a staggering 120 tons is believed to be exceptionally old, a megalith designed by a mysterious ancient population about whom we know nothing.

The unique megaliths were located at Mokhnataya mountain in Altai region, some 20 kilometres from the resort town of Belokurikha.

Archeological researchers who found the granite monuments believe they date back deep into ancient history, and were put into position by prehistoric people…

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L’Aura Pleiadian – Full Moon in Scorpio, 05.10.2017 – Death & Rebirth


This Full Moon on May 10th, 2017 is in Scorpio at 6:42pm ADT. This is a powerful Full Moon and depending on where you are at energetically, may bring about some fortunate manifestations. If you are in a negative struggle period, then use this positive energy for your clearing. The Full Moon is Sun opposite […]

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The Rose above the Sky

jbuss Astrology

Let’s look a little more at that Grand Quintile.  Here’s one without all of the other Action in its chart…

It’s a Pentagram, traditional symbol of Magic.  It’s actually pointing down, which sometimes implies Black Magic.  But as we said in the previous post, the whole diagram will turn upside down in twelve hours, so there’s little meaningfully permanent about the pointing.  If there’s anything to the Black part, it’s bad luck or evil intent for the West Coast of the US, as the chart is even rotated for other locations at the same time.

The Full Moon occurs around 3pm PDT, which is the equivalent of 2pm PST.  Since Hawaii is two hours earlier than Pacific Time, the Sun will be close to directly overhead in Hawaii – and the Pentagram will be pointing straight up.

The classic symbol of five-symmetry is the Rose Family, which includes this Apple…

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Pao Chang, Energy Fanatics: Frequency and Vibration – How They Create the Structures of Matter and Life


By Pao Chang @ Energy

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~ Nikola Tesla

If we want to understand how the material world is created and what keeps it in a perpetual motion, we need to study the language of the living energy codes…

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Christina Sarich, Waking Times – Sound of the Sun: The Voice of Universal Consciousness


By Christina Sarich, Waking Times Found at * Most of us are familiar with the Sun as the main source of visible light and energy on our planet. There is another phenomenon of the Sun – it’s magnetic influence on us, and every living thing on the planet – which fewer are familiar with. […]

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