Denise LeFay – Transitions: Compressed Evolution Means Your Body is Changing NOW


As greater numbers of people worldwide continue being physically, biologically, energetically, consciously and spiritually pressured and pushed by the evolutionary Ascension Process (AP) , many are confused about what’s happening to them, their body, consciousness, their lives, their county and everything else. This natural evolutionary Ascension Process affects everything, not just a person’s physical body, […]

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L’Aura Pleiadian: The Flame of Love – Drawing Love to Itself


Originally posted on The New Divine Humanity: The Body responding, Your Heart Opening, Moments that move you, out of your comfort zone. Are you feeling the changes within, are you Being Drawn Deeper. The Call of Love, Drawing itself to itself, as the Highest. The momentous thrust, towards the Union deep within, Opens the doors…

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Jelelle Awen -You Are Not a Victim: You Are A Powerful Creator


By Jelelle Awen You are NOT a victim. You ARE a powerful creator. This can be hard to remember and difficult to embody. It can FEEL like to parts of you that you very much ARE a victim to circumstances and relationships and life situations and the 3D matrix and illnesses and your boss and […]

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jbuss Astrology: Gods and Goddesses Full Moon

“The constellation Orion is, therefore, an archetype of god. We humans have modeled our male gods on the constellation for probably well over eight thousand years. This is in contrast to the never-setting circumpolar Ursa Major and Minor, the goddess, for goddesses do not die in our philosophy. Goddesses may fade, but they are immortal. […]

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Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – Excerpts from the Quantum Awakening newsletter (courtesy of Forever Unlimited)



DSCN2840THE QUANTUM AWAKENING A Website, a Global Electronic Newsletter, A Thought, A Way of Life, ISSUE #221 MAY 2017

This NEWSLETTER is Electronically sent out ‘FREE’ but you must Subscribe to receive it. Please go to and sign up for newsletter or click on link at bottom of this newsletter. To unsubscribe scroll to bottom […]

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Sandra Walters: Organic Timelines of Ascension and Unified Action


** I AM the transformative MAGIc of Gratitude,the implosion of lesser Self dynamicsmand the restructuring of Creator-in-form.AND SO ARE YOU. Sandra Walter **”Structures within the planet, set in place by Starseeds of the past, are awakened by Starseeds of the Now (often the same beings utilizing the Divine HUman genome.)” Isn’t this just Divinely grand?That… via […]

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Morag @ In5D: What Does It Mean to be a Quantum Being?


by Morag, Guest writer, * What is quantum? What does it mean? How do we live it, become it, experience it consciously? Physics, spirituality, Einstein and Tesla, multiple dimensions, bubble theory, infinite choice and lifetimes…all have something to do with quantum, don’t they? It helps to start with what we do know. We […]

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